Monday, June 30, 2008

Good Monday morning! A pretty little thing to kick off the week.


Mondschein Primaten (Chopstick and John John remix) - Kollektiv Turmstrasse

Dan M


Friday, June 27, 2008

Fuck-ing-Amaaaaa-zing!!! Shoreditch is going to feel the accordian tonight!!!

Os Cacadores - Mexendo Ombrinho

Lucas x

Rain is pissing down here where the f. did summer go!? The sales just started and I´m completely broke and out of resources to go get cheap sneaks. Misses is killing me about the same thing and all in all I just really feel like shit today. My savior is of course music and I think I know exactly what to put on to get myself out of this very hard misery. And hey turn this thing up now cause its some rare shit.

Cant kick this feeling when it hits - Moodymann


Youre Copenhagen Pusher

Dan M

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Summer has finally arrived in Switzerland and im happy. Having barbecues with friends, swimming in the river, sitting on the balcony all night long and listening to music.....
One album that is on heavy rotation at my home these days is El Guincho's "Alegranza". I think its out for a while now, but its still growing on me and i cant get enough of it. If you like the song you hear, then go and buy the whole album. Its definitely worth it. And if you have the chance to see him live, don't hesitate. I saw him in barcelona at this years primavera festival and it was one of the best shows so far in 2008!


My Best Five things from SwedenLand

1. Mapei

2. The guy that made this video- His name is Ruben Sznajderman

Basutbudet - Fett Med Soft

3. Miss Marlin

4. Discobelle



Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Do you like to dance in grass skirts- I do. This little number combines jacking house with the sound of South Pacific. Coconut shells and flower chains to the ready- here is:

Johnny Rock- Hula Dance


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oooooohkay....Marvy (from afore-mentioned Booty Call Crew) dropped knowledge on us whilst we were drunk in Paris last week. 'Daggering' (or 'Daggarin') seems to be a recent craze sweeping Jamaican dancehalls, and like the 'Wu-Tang' and the 'Spongebob' before, is taking over as one of my favourite dances in the club (watch me bring it to the shitty bars of Shoreditch, Im going to get arrested). From what I can tell its like a more rough and violent version of winding, check the videos above....looks kinda daft right? Apparently it sometimes 'making a face like an ogre' too! WOW. Mr. Vegas and a whole host of others seem to be on it as well....

Mr. Vegas - Daggering
Monster Empire - Daggering


RDX - Party (Hammertime Riddim)

Lucas x

Saturday, June 21, 2008

There has been much mention of Baile in this blog, most of you know how much we love it and some of you are probably even a little tired of hearing about it. Its a tag that constantly gets dropped in the UK press and listings, sometimes used as a badge of 'credibility' and it seems some people are a little confused as to what the hell it is. Baile had its hipster phase and nowadays I can count the people that are still playing the stuff in London on my right hand, so this mix acts a homage to the music we love and respect. Its bound for the world's blogs but of course Gutter Broadcast gets the exclusive! Keep an ear out for Baile versions of the Poltergeist theme, Alter Ego, Satisfaction, Heater, Organ Donor, Yazoo and of course, Rocky!!! Oh and its introduced by the legend that is Edu K

Zombie Disco Squad - Baile Funks Not Dead

1. Baile Funks Not Dead Introduction by Edu K
2. MC Seu Kuke - A casa do seu kuke
3. Bola De Fogo - Atoladinha (Enterradinha)
4. Os Hawainanos - Vem Kikando
5. Luciano DJ - Alter Baile
6. Carlinho e Celinho - Jogo de Bicho
7. SD Boys - Uh!Uh!Uh! Ta Tomando
8. MC Frank - Cabelo Encolheu
9. Tati Quebra Barraco - Boladona
10. Dennis DJ - Xacoalhado de skol
11. MC Primo - Diretoria
12. Scottie b ft. Moleque Bil - Mais Ela
13. MC Biro Leyby - Cria asa Periquita
14. Jack e Chocolate - Danca do Mexico
15. Amandinha - Essa e pra Virar
16. Edu K ft. Deize - Injecao TNT
17. Bonde Do Popo - ?
18. DJ Wally - Danca do Calango
19. DJ Luciano Oliveira - Funk Carioca
20. Montagem - Ta Mancando
21. Sandrinho - Organ Donor
22. Montagem - Black box
23. Sandrinho - Yazoo
24. MC Pe de Pano e Rael - Ela ta Doida
25. MC Cindinho e Doca - Rap Da Felicidade
26. MC Camita - Mexe Com Meu Marido
27. Bonde do Come Quieto - Ela Balanca mas nao para
28. Gailoa das Popozudas - Late que Eu to Passando
29. Bonde Do Tiagro - O Baile Todo
30. ? - Tres tenores
31. Tati - Mirante
32. Gilberto DJ - Chumbo Quente

Dont click there, click HERE.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Classic Databass today, from the offensively-named 'Coon Daddy'. Tom tom rhythms, speedy beats and ghetto vocals make this one of my favourite Ghetto-tech tracks of all time.

I dedicate this to Marvy, Tarko and all the other Booty Call gang members, J'aime tu Mecs!!!

Coon Daddy - Big Baller


Mr Jesse Rose aka Content was one of my biggest inspirations through out 07´and of course still is. He is founder of one of the coolest labels (Made to Play) and has so many great releases him self. He did a body language compilation mix and has a regular night at Panorama bar my favorite club in Berlin and lets not forget that he is a fantastic remixer! Thats just mentioning bits of what JR is up to.. To set of the weekend let me slide you a brand new thing from the man him self. Have a great weekend peeps!

World of deep (Jesse Rose respect to Detroit remix) - Kevin Saunderson

Dan M

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ahhh La Foxy Boxy. A nice bit of spaced out punk funk disco for you today. The Luke Solomon version of this track has a amazing vocal that talks about fox's and boxes and horses in fridges. It's like they took a snapshot of my brain


UND- Fox in the box (Telespazio Remix)

Holy Crap....


Swedish Producer Tiger Stripes aka Mikael Nordgren gots soo much game these days. He is releasing one hit track after the other. Heres one representing old and beautiful Stockholm. Really like the theme and vox work on it! It sure is a nice driving track too. Spin and see for ya self!?

Sthlm Hustle - Tiger Stripes


Dan M

Ps Fucking Sweeds!! (So much good music)

Now I wasnt going to let this blog pass without mentioning Lil Weezys new album was I? My little Dwayne has been all over the UK press over the last two weeks, it seems like the rest of the world is finally coming around to my way of thinking. Damn, okay so its a little more polished and T-Pain features far too much for my liking. But it does feature ridiculous tracks like this, Weezy F. Baby at his most fucked up, relentless beat, stoopid flow and a general disregard for any predispositions that hip hop might have already. He does not give a shit.....

Lil Wayne - A Milli

Lucas x

Monday, June 16, 2008

Just back from Norway, Bergen to be precise...thats Mickal from Telle Records up there, he is a strong contender for best host ever. He took us to see this church that got burnt down by some mental black metal guy, it seems the scene is pretty fucking serious - we heard stories that involved record label managers and sacrificed sheep, which I found really intriguing seeing as everything in Norway seems to be pretty much perfect. Whilst Mickal warmed up in the club the night before he played this bomb, somehow it managed to sneak past the Zombie radar when it was released late last year. Green Velvet gets all sexy with Russoul on the track, minimal blips and soulful vocals make for a really nice bouncy track that makes me want to 'get my groove on' or something equally as revolting. Now go to Beatport and buy the Gant-Man juke remix! (then check out his Calabria remix....ha!)

Green Velvet ft. Russoul - Walk

Lucas x

Just dropping you my Happy House banger of the day. Amazing horns innit!

how was youre weekend by the way mine was just an easy 5 hour set in Cph on Friday then seeing Norman Weber aka House Norman (Luna City Express) play a fantastic DJ set at Nadsat. Look out for his name around youre town and make sure to go if you get the chance! Rest of weekend was spend on my beautiful girl and little Frida (our baby dog). The pic is my bird- nicked it from Facehunter

Dance (Kerri Chandler´s Centro Fly Mix) - Earth People

Yours truly,

Dan M

Thursday, June 12, 2008

More vocals on deep grooves really in to that these days. Its the brilliant Loco Dice with one from his latest album Dunham Place witch I by the way think is gonna be one of the biggest accomplishments of 08 within house music. I know thats some big words but seriously LD really is showing his greatness on the LP. If you didnt check it out yet youre missing out! This track is deep kind of slow grooving with mad vocals from Pimp Jackson talking about grooves and girls.

Pimp Jackson is talking now!! - Loco Dice

Dan M
Really cheap video, vocals that are out of tune with the backing track and a jacket that should be illegal -it all smells of the comeback indie grime attempt. Oh Dizzie, what have you become.....

Dizzee feat Calvin Harris - Dance with me.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Once again we scour the horizons of all that is house to bring you the most exciting new DJs and producers. Get Rude features our Number.1 guy SOLO this Saturday, better known as the right hand man for Mowgli, Solo is also a very talented producer and DJ in his own right. He just got snapped up by a big manager and is onto do big things! You heard it here first. All my London dudes come down to Catch this Saturday! Its FREE!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hello I am on holiday eating Ice cream in my pants & I have been listening to a lot of switch and have decided the man is a genius..... you probably know that already. I had forgotten it, being blindsided by what fidget house has become, I forgot the simplicity and straight up goodness of the his stuff that just jacks like hell,

who else could make Robbie sound good.

Robbie Williams-Never Touch That Switch (Switch remix)


Ps- the link was nabbed from La New Shit

Monday, June 09, 2008

From Dubstep to Deep jacking house and techno heres a mix from DJ/Producer and Friend James Braun. Dudes outta Cph just like myself and Ive been following him for a while doing his shit. He is constantly surprising working on all kinds of styles within electronic music and weather its baile funk, Banging techno or weird experimental shit he is always killing it. This right here is a minimix of whats hopefully all gonna be out within not too long. Check JB out right here

Premix Preview Minimix - James Braun


Dan M

Just back from Edinburgh (thanks to Ampbox for inviting us to play their last party ever, it was amazing!).....Travelling would be a lot harder if I didnt have music. Nice, deep mixtapes help everything fade away into the background, leaving me to think and enjoy the countryside. This is currently my favourite thing to listen to, Style Of Eye starts off all wonky and bleepy before going quite serious towards the latter half. It is part two of the Winter Sessions (out on OM) and the other half is taken care of by the dreadfully named DJ Hipp-E (which is good but a little too deep for my liking). Enjoy!

Winter Sessions Vol.2 - Part 2 Mixed by Style Of Eye

1. Style Of Eye/Worthy - "H-Bomb/Bird Of Prey" (Style Of Eye remix)
2. The Rejekts - Rejektion
3. Style Of Eye - Fick
4. Oliver Huntemann - Fashion Show
5. Tiger Stripes - Nacht
6. The Ties - Home
7. Oscar - Digital Rain
8. Gel Abril - Very Wrong
9. Marc Romboy vs Stephan Bodzin - Mab
10. Worthy - Copius
11. Phunklarique & Dejonka - Jewelcase
12. Style Of Eye - Hide
13. Paul Panzer - Mariannenplatz
14. Jens Zimmerman - Flusensaub
15. Dubfire - Ribcage
16. Minilogue - Space
17. Marc Romboy vs Stepahn Bodzin

Lucas x

Sunday, June 08, 2008

More classic Garage from my vaults today, the sun is shining and I am off to the park. I will be singing this shit constantly.....trying my hardest to ignore the crackheads, 'youts dem' and various other painful reminders that I live deep in South London as opposed to the idyllic place I dream of.

Sunship - Follow Me (Vinyl Rip)

Lucas x

Saturday, June 07, 2008

If you like the Claude Von Stroke way of dropping hot vocals on techy tracks heres a must have track for you. Its taken a bit further and its slightly more banging than the Stroke way of doing it. This actually just makes it even more crowd pleasing. yay!

Badman Says (C.Kan Oldschool edit) - Vato Gonzales Vs Pharoahe Monche

Dan M

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hey East London Hipsters!! I see you there, with your nice new 'fixie' riding around town like you own the roads (secretly making me really jealous). I have seen how tiny your sexy handlebars are and how your seat matches your grips! Think you're pretty cool huh? Lauging at me and my 21 speed piece of shit....well this is how my gang get down! Whos laughing now?! HA HA HA HA!

Lucas x
p.s this light relief post is dedicated to 'Kingsland Rd Fluro-Man', you know who you are.

Monday, June 02, 2008

My friend Robbin is a dufus - he went to Coachella and got so high and drunk on the Friday night that he got lost in the desert for 24 hours - he could of died- but I think I would have rather died than miss Kraftwerk and prince live. As I said before- dufus


Hey Hey,

It's Nathaniel's Happy House (get it) (I know, I know it's dreadful).

This is a remix of the song that was sampled on Wileys- Wearing my Rolex- It is a amazing house track- It made me come up- and I haven't taken drugs for a long time

Pea's and Love


DSK- What Would We Do (Hurley's House Mix)

Thats Julia, shes the mastermind behind 'Fucked From Above 1985'...go buy a tshirt now!

Lutzenkirchen featured here on this blog a while back, he has come to the forefront of my attention with his new album - Pandora Electronica (out on Great Stuff Records). This is my pick of the bunch, a track I have heard on a few mixtapes already. Paperboy couples crunchy as hell kickdrums with a nice blissed out jazz sample, it could be Sade or something....I'm really looking forward to hearing this on a big system.

Lutzenkirchen - Paperboy


Jus' Fab (or Fabien as he is known to his mates) is one of my favourite party dudes, no hype bullshit with him, just a love for good music, Get Rude isnt the same without him. So it is with great envy that I am going to miss his big party in Paris, he has hooked up with Heatkid and others for the event on Friday 6th June at La Java. He also made the mix you can find below....a nice mix of jacking house and tech stuff (I love the Daniel Steinberg track!), keep an eye on this dude.

01 - Christian martin - Balance & Rythme [Cadang]
02 - Jeff samuel - The spook [karloff]
03 - Middleman - Loco [Kitsam]
04 - Lutzenkirchen - Paperboy [Great stuff recordings]
05 - Daniel steinberg - I like to be [Style rockets]
06 - Frankie - Valz [Frankie rec]
07 - Harry axt - Thisle [Rompecabeza]
08 - Kenneth bager - Fragment 7 (Jesse rose remix) [Music For Dreams America]
09 - Tube & berger feat vanity - Funky shit (gui boratto remix) [Kittball Records]
10 - Justin Martin & Sammy D - The Southern Draw (Claude VonStroke Remix) [Dirtybird]
11 - Riva starr - La conga [Dirtybird]
12 - Brodinski - Solaris [Mental Groove Records]
13 - Alex Neri, Marco Solforetti - Birdy [Tenax Recordings]
14 - Pier bucci - Hay consuelo (Samim remix) [Alphabet City] ]
15 - Format B - Full house [Opossum Recordings]
16 - Smash TV - Locomotive breath [Bpitch control]