Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Get Rude christmas party is with us next week, for our final 2007 bash we have invited some new guests as well as some of the previous homedudes that played at our party. We have locked down the WHOLE of the Catch Bar (upstairs and downstairs) for this and we got ourselves a late licence til 4am! Boom, you know this is going to be a good night. Keep an eye out for a very special secret guest (from, shhhhh, A-MER-IC-AH) and a fucked up Santa Claus doing the rounds.

We would like to thank everybody that has made it down to Get Rude this year, especially all of our guests who have played for the love of it (and the free booze), you have helped make our party one of the best in London! We would also like to thank all those that have bitten the flyers and abused the ethos that we put in place....SUCKERS! We did it first and we do it best!!

See you there!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ulm was intense, thankyou to Daniel (Ulm) and Daniel (Copenhagen) for such a great party. The music flowed all night long, as did the vodka and amphetamines.

Here is a track I have been playing a lot of recently, its the third best on the album!

Alter Ego - Chicken Shag

Monday, November 26, 2007

"oh-oh- fashion school- art school"

t2 you cultured fella. heart broken at a art school girl. poor chap.

T2- heartbroken

We made a remix for Tetine a while ago and kinda of forgot about it, then out of nowhere it got re-posted on Palms Out (one of our favs!) and has been featuring on quite a few mixes. Any whos here it is (via palms out- which by the way has a nice post on us up now)

Tetine- Horny (zombie disco squad remix)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This is mighty interesting!

From halfway around the world comes Tim Sea aka Act Yo Age. It was very nice of him to send us this baltimore rework of Edu's smash hit 'Popozuda', comes complete with a BIG bassline and frantic rave noises, perfect for your fashed out bashes. Plus its a nice high quality wav download. Coolin'


Friday, November 16, 2007

One of my favourite new bands is The Ghost Frequency, they have quiffs, booty beats and enough energy to power Brixton for a few weeks. Rumour has it they are produced by Herve, add the fact that they are signed to City Rockers and you got me sold before you can say 'Boo!'. This slight homage to the 80's is a result of drinking too much champagne and in no way is a reflection of how good their music is, that can be seen here.

Hello. We are in Paris and its fucking chaos, apparently there is a strike on and the trains are all cancelled. The roads are full of angry Frenchies, super wierd. Luckily, we have got this new hotmix from our Argentian homedude to keep us entertained. It sounds like it has been done...wha? wait for it...WITHOUT THE USE OF ABELTON!! Crazy. Just like in the old days then. Does anyone else feel like Argentina is popping off at the moment?

GuZ - Hotmix for Gutter Broadcast.

0 jack rabbit slims twist contest
1 sticky - dr who
2 no assembly firm - all jacked up
3 l-vis1990 - waltzer
4 scuola furano - saxada
5 faggetfairys - uzela
6 duke dumont - duke's fanfare
7 crookers - disco fidget
8 dj deeon - da dik suk
9 dj jeroenski - boa (muzikjunki rmx)
10 drop the lime - come 2 life

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Claude Vonstrokes amazing radio 1 essential mix is


First- The Martin Brothers remix classic Tricky Disco to their normal high quality jacking minimal house music standards.

tricky disco-tricky disco (the martin brothers thizzy disco remix)

second- Wicked classic house song from Cajmere. Got a grooving funk and a heart breaking vocal.

Cajmere feat Dajae -Say You Will

Third- big band house music. like the 90's stuff only better-

No Assembly Firm- All jacked up
House music all night long!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Boy 8 Bit played at Get Rude on Saturday, despite being half cut he was really super dope fresh. Add a certain Riva Starr to the proceedings and you got yourself one of the best Get Rudes ever!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

I think I just found our anthem.

Methusalem - Zombie

Its been a while since we had any Miami Bass on here. Here is the time the 2 Live Crew met Fidel Castro and made a 'tame' (for Luke's standards) love song. Perfect for your lunch break!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

World Class Wrecking Crew was Dr Dre's amazing electro project from before NWA, it's real sleazy and a prompted some young scamp on you tube to ask

"Is Dr Dre Gay?"

hmmm I wonder..........

Sunday, November 04, 2007

relaxing Sunday music.
sort of.

1. compost black label compilation came out recently and is a nice blend between house and more disco elements... well worth picking up. My personal favourite is shahrokh's track. Kinda weird jacking house, relaxed but very at home on the dance floor.

shahrokh- sound of k-chicago

2. This track has a amazing euphoric vocal, reminds me of classic Chicago,(ahhh my true love!). A real late night/early morning groover.

john dahlback-everywhere extended mix

3. Relax, put your robe on, get out the essential oils, throw your Barry White record out the window and listen to this....

My Moon My Man- Boys Noize remix

Whoop! The Bulgarian's 'Zombie Door EP' is finally out on Potty Mouth Records over in the USA. It features the original, a Bushido and Santiago remix and 'Into the Groove'. To celebrate the release, The Bulgarian made a promotional mix which you can download for free here!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Go read this. very nice.

Diizy's Mp3 Blog!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Faggatronix just put me up on this one. Girl U No Its True (great name) has made this party mix, and very well done it is too (okay, forgive him for the Samim bootleg). Draws on old school electro, juke, booty bass and some cool modern stuff. Just what you need to get you warmed up for the weekend. Me? Im off to spend it walking around in the countryside with my whippet.

Girl U No Its True - Love Me Right

1. Fresh - Dum Dum Part 2
2. DJ Godfather - Let 'Em Buck
3. Dave Angel - Dimension Of Drums
4. Samim vs. Pitbull - Heater(Claude VonStroke remix)/Ay Chico
5. Debonair Samir - Samir's Theme (DJ Hardwell Mix)
6. Lumidee - Never Leave You (Acapella)
7. Knifehandchop - Dirty New York (Reverse)
8. Masters At Work - The Ha Dance
9. Cybotron - Clear
10. Soulja Boy/Benzi/Rashad -Crank Dat (Juke Jams mix)
11. DJ Godfather - Time To Jit
12. Two Of A Kind - Like This
13. Rhythm Is Rhythm - Strings Of Life
14. CeCe Peniston - Finally (Acapella)
15. Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock (Bonus Beats)
16. DJ Assault - Checkstub
17. Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (DJ Assault mix)
18. Angel City ft. Lara McAllen - Love Me Right
19. Dj Funk - Fear
20. The Sweat Boys - Do You Want To Perculate?
21. L-Vis 1990 - Waltzer
22. Disco D ft. Chuck - Cannot Stop This
23. Bizarre Inc - Raise Me (Eon's Ascension mix)
24. Keyshia Cole ft. Missy Elliott & Lil' Kim - Let It Go (Kingdom's 909 Remix)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I have been slack at posting. sorry.

to make up for it here is Nathaniel's hope this doesn't end up with a court order mega post-

1. She may be bald, deranged and a child beater, but her new album actually ain't that bad.... who you ask... Britney .... who else. Check the bass noise in this track, grumpier that a sleepy bear:

britney spears- freakshow

2. Like slow Juke music -Paul Johnson's stop trippin' has the simplicity of techno with the groove of booty bass. It's a long time fav of mine. A quick piece of House music trivia- Mr Johnson was confined to wheelchair after a air rifle accident. ouch!

paul johnson - stoptrippin

3. Grinch boy don't really do Christmas but I do do this track! from the Beat street OSD and is really funny. I especially like the synth rendering of jingle bells --

The Treacherous Three- Santa's Rap

4. Amazing electro house version of shake and pop by green velvet. need I say more

green velvet- shake pop (sidney samson remix)

5. Minimal, hip hop. Maximum Z (oh and a skinny guy the girls seem to like)

Jay-z -I know feat pharrell

6. I have secretly likes science fiction for some time now and this is a bit of a coming out of the closet for me, so please don't laugh. I do like star trek, I do read books with space pictures on the front and yes I HAVE GOOGLE SEARCHED FOR ALIEN PORN (disappointing results). wow that feels better.... good to let it out after all of these years

smith n hack- space warrior

7. Last but not least, M.A.N.D.Y have put out a remix album, buy it it's good, and also gives me a excuse to put up a amazing track from the not too distant past.

The Knife- Pass this on (M.A.N.D.Y remix)

Hip House you bastards!! Queen Latifah meets Orbital for this blissed out happy track. I could warm it up nicely with this shit, Latifah is on p-p-p-point as usual with her rhymes and flow, whilst Orbital get all acid on the track. Reminds me of being about 10 and going shopping on Walworth Rd.

Queen Latifah - Come Into My House (Orbital Dub)