Friday, November 16, 2007

Hello. We are in Paris and its fucking chaos, apparently there is a strike on and the trains are all cancelled. The roads are full of angry Frenchies, super wierd. Luckily, we have got this new hotmix from our Argentian homedude to keep us entertained. It sounds like it has been done...wha? wait for it...WITHOUT THE USE OF ABELTON!! Crazy. Just like in the old days then. Does anyone else feel like Argentina is popping off at the moment?

GuZ - Hotmix for Gutter Broadcast.

0 jack rabbit slims twist contest
1 sticky - dr who
2 no assembly firm - all jacked up
3 l-vis1990 - waltzer
4 scuola furano - saxada
5 faggetfairys - uzela
6 duke dumont - duke's fanfare
7 crookers - disco fidget
8 dj deeon - da dik suk
9 dj jeroenski - boa (muzikjunki rmx)
10 drop the lime - come 2 life


martinfrancisco said...

buena Guz!!!

Dani Deahl said...

Crazy that actually mixing tracks is considered going above and beyond...dayum. I remember having crazy callouses on my hands from carrying crates everywhere...and I'm only 25! Bring back the mix!