Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ulm was intense, thankyou to Daniel (Ulm) and Daniel (Copenhagen) for such a great party. The music flowed all night long, as did the vodka and amphetamines.

Here is a track I have been playing a lot of recently, its the third best on the album!

Alter Ego - Chicken Shag


Anonymous said...

Yo Luk, whats up?

came across the zombiedisco myspace and all that.

i moved back to norway in july, but will be in london 4 - 10.december.
we should do a pint or three.

let me know

/oboy - chob

Dani said...

Sick tune, thanks for posting it! If you want some fresh stateside mixes, I put some new mash-ups on my own blog.

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Alex Egan said...

the other two are why not and fuckingham palace right? boomage! this track is soouuper