Thursday, November 01, 2007

I have been slack at posting. sorry.

to make up for it here is Nathaniel's hope this doesn't end up with a court order mega post-

1. She may be bald, deranged and a child beater, but her new album actually ain't that bad.... who you ask... Britney .... who else. Check the bass noise in this track, grumpier that a sleepy bear:

britney spears- freakshow

2. Like slow Juke music -Paul Johnson's stop trippin' has the simplicity of techno with the groove of booty bass. It's a long time fav of mine. A quick piece of House music trivia- Mr Johnson was confined to wheelchair after a air rifle accident. ouch!

paul johnson - stoptrippin

3. Grinch boy don't really do Christmas but I do do this track! from the Beat street OSD and is really funny. I especially like the synth rendering of jingle bells --

The Treacherous Three- Santa's Rap

4. Amazing electro house version of shake and pop by green velvet. need I say more

green velvet- shake pop (sidney samson remix)

5. Minimal, hip hop. Maximum Z (oh and a skinny guy the girls seem to like)

Jay-z -I know feat pharrell

6. I have secretly likes science fiction for some time now and this is a bit of a coming out of the closet for me, so please don't laugh. I do like star trek, I do read books with space pictures on the front and yes I HAVE GOOGLE SEARCHED FOR ALIEN PORN (disappointing results). wow that feels better.... good to let it out after all of these years

smith n hack- space warrior

7. Last but not least, M.A.N.D.Y have put out a remix album, buy it it's good, and also gives me a excuse to put up a amazing track from the not too distant past.

The Knife- Pass this on (M.A.N.D.Y remix)


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