Wednesday, November 25, 2009

David Keno is fast becoming one of my favourite new House producers. He is slaying the competition with his new remixes, rare in this day that I check for EVERY one of his releases. Keno you da man n shit.

David Keno - Grutane

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I'm very much into a 17 year old boy. Don't worry I haven't gone all gary glitter - JHawk is the young king producer of the Jerkin' hip hop scene coming out of Cali.

This Mix tape is the best Hip Hop I've heard in years

Jerkin' With JHawk


Friday, November 20, 2009

Yo we did a feature in this great online mag

you can also download a mix we did

plus word to the wise don't do a photoshoot when your sick!



Thursday, November 19, 2009

I used to know a guy that looked exactly like a white version of Snoop, we used to call him 'Snoop'. Plus the other day I saw an albino Turkish guy, he was really ginger....mad.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Miami Bass

It has been a while since we had any Bass music on this page, heres a small pack I nicked from somewhere else, the Request Line track is amazing...


All Track in 320 kbs ripped from Vinyl

Captain Rapp – Bite Em

Captain Rapp – Bite Em (instrumental)

Maximus Three – Maximus Party

Pac-Man – I´m a Pac Man

T.Ski Valley – Billie Jean (Valley Style Rap)

T.Ski Valley – Catch the Beat

Rockmaster Scott &The Dynamic Three – Request Line

Rockmaster Scott &The Dynamic Three – The Roof is on Fire

L Bow.

Friday, November 13, 2009

a very little competition

I would really like a good re-edit of this track but don't have the time to do so. So a very little competition- Edit the track and drop the link in the comments box. The winner gets um..... My loving admiration, Guestlist to any show we play in your town, a feature on here and a pat on the back.


Whistle-Just Buggin'

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dj madskillz

Due to the large amount of things that have interacted with my brain over the years- my memory is shot. So I have probably gone on about Dj MAdskillz before- however I going to again - what a great producer. This remix made me kiss a dog.

Norman Soares and Prunk - Cirque de soleil (DJ Madskillz remix)

Nat's Dirty Bird special

For those of you living under a rock Mr Claude Von Strokes Album just dropped and what a gem.

I did a Dirty Bird Radio Show a little bit back and here it is with mixes from CVS and J.philp and a chat with Justin Martin

PS: although this isn't a photo of the man him self it is my favorite press photo ever- those crazy martin brothers

Nat Self Dirty Bird Special on Diesel U Music

Artist- Track- (Remix)- Label

Style Of Eye - The Big Kazoo (Dirty Bird)
Zombie Disco Squad - The Dance (Dirty Bird)
Claude Von Stroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit (Dirty Bird)
Luca Lozano - Berlinetta (J.Phlip remix) (Dirty Bird)

J.Phlip Interview

Claude Von Stroke and J. Philip - California (Dirty Bird)
Square One - Vesuvius (Justin Martin Remix) (Free Range Records)
Justin Martin - Sad Piano (Buzz n Fly Records)

Justin Martin Interview

Justin Martin and Claude Von Stroke - Beat that bird with a bat (Dirty Bird)
Claude Von Stroke - Deep Throat (DJ Sneak Remix) (Dirty Bird)

Claude Von Stroke Interview
Lolek & Bolek feat Pol_on - Catz n Dogz (Get Physical)
Claude VonStroke ft Bootsy Collins(Funk Bomb Mix) - The Greasy Beat (Dirty Bird)
Cevin Fisher (Idiotproof Remix- Jesse Rose Edit) - The Freaks Come out 2009 (Made To Play)
Sascha Braemer (Dan Caster Remix) - Go Loco (Dirty Bird)
Claude VonStroke - Big n' Round (Dirty Bird)
Heinrichs and Hirtenfeller (Philip Bader Remix) - Cut Bread (Supadub Records)
Sascha Breamer - Some Sweat (Dirty Bird)
justin Martin & Claude VonStroke Beat that Bird (Dirty Bird)
Iz & Diz (justin Martin Remix) - The Magnificent (OM)
Luca Lozano (J Phlip Remix) - Belinetta (Dirty Bird)
Andrea Oliva - Rainers (Saved)
Lance Desardi - Repeat Reform (OM)

Mercury Chicago's finest re-edited

An old wisdom says: "Knowledge is the foundation of all things. Wisdom is the manifestation of knowledge." In this spirit we studied the history of House music and, as an exercise and manifestation of what we have learned, re-edited House tracks by Steve "Silk" Hurley (Voices of Life), Cajmere and Ralphi Rosario with the objective of making them sound classic and fresh at the same time. As we feel enthusiastic about the result of our exercise and love the idea of a Chicago House renaissance on contemporary dancefloors we want to share what we call "Chicago's Finest Re-Edited".

Mercury - Chicago's finest re-edited


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Holy Shit. Talk about an oldie but a goodie....I was checking Lucianos Top Ten on the almighty 'What People Play' (better than Beatport anyone?) when I came across this....brings back crazy memories of the old electroclash-no-beer-belly-everything-was-great-and-I-was-never-grumpy days. Rob Mello is a dude.

Rob Mello - Fantasize


All is forgiven Weezle.


Monday, November 09, 2009

So last week we dropped 'Maestro' on you, a film concerned with House Music....this time we are talking Techno. Hi Tech Soul deals with the birth of Detroit Techno and its creators, originators and innovators....a must see documentary, if only for the insight into the egos that exist in the scene!!

L Scorchio.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

On YouToob

We playing Fabric this weekend, to celebrate the lovely Danna asked us to submit a top ten of You Tube finds for their can peep dat 'ere

LL Cool L.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Music Maestro!

Maestro chronicles the early days of The Paradise Garage and its most famous DJ, Larry Levan......anyone interested in House music and DJ culture HAS TO CHECK THIS for reasons that should be apparent.

L .

Sunday, November 01, 2009

I watched this movie the other day, Steal This Film is based on and around The Pirate Bay, arguably the nets biggest Torrent site. Part one largely deals with The Pirate Bay itself and is maybe a little naive and biased in its approach, bt part Two, however is really worth watching....anyone who is involved in downloading free shit from the web should take the time out to watch it. Aside from drawing interesting comparisons between web-sharing culture and the invention of the printing press it also concerns itself with the future of music as an entity and how the 'hyper-information' age will inevitably affect culture and humanity as a whole! Whoooooaaaa! Totally trippy dude!

But seriously, its really it