Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nat's Dirty Bird special

For those of you living under a rock Mr Claude Von Strokes Album just dropped and what a gem.

I did a Dirty Bird Radio Show a little bit back and here it is with mixes from CVS and J.philp and a chat with Justin Martin

PS: although this isn't a photo of the man him self it is my favorite press photo ever- those crazy martin brothers

Nat Self Dirty Bird Special on Diesel U Music

Artist- Track- (Remix)- Label

Style Of Eye - The Big Kazoo (Dirty Bird)
Zombie Disco Squad - The Dance (Dirty Bird)
Claude Von Stroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit (Dirty Bird)
Luca Lozano - Berlinetta (J.Phlip remix) (Dirty Bird)

J.Phlip Interview

Claude Von Stroke and J. Philip - California (Dirty Bird)
Square One - Vesuvius (Justin Martin Remix) (Free Range Records)
Justin Martin - Sad Piano (Buzz n Fly Records)

Justin Martin Interview

Justin Martin and Claude Von Stroke - Beat that bird with a bat (Dirty Bird)
Claude Von Stroke - Deep Throat (DJ Sneak Remix) (Dirty Bird)

Claude Von Stroke Interview
Lolek & Bolek feat Pol_on - Catz n Dogz (Get Physical)
Claude VonStroke ft Bootsy Collins(Funk Bomb Mix) - The Greasy Beat (Dirty Bird)
Cevin Fisher (Idiotproof Remix- Jesse Rose Edit) - The Freaks Come out 2009 (Made To Play)
Sascha Braemer (Dan Caster Remix) - Go Loco (Dirty Bird)
Claude VonStroke - Big n' Round (Dirty Bird)
Heinrichs and Hirtenfeller (Philip Bader Remix) - Cut Bread (Supadub Records)
Sascha Breamer - Some Sweat (Dirty Bird)
justin Martin & Claude VonStroke Beat that Bird (Dirty Bird)
Iz & Diz (justin Martin Remix) - The Magnificent (OM)
Luca Lozano (J Phlip Remix) - Belinetta (Dirty Bird)
Andrea Oliva - Rainers (Saved)
Lance Desardi - Repeat Reform (OM)

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