Monday, November 16, 2009

Miami Bass

It has been a while since we had any Bass music on this page, heres a small pack I nicked from somewhere else, the Request Line track is amazing...


All Track in 320 kbs ripped from Vinyl

Captain Rapp – Bite Em

Captain Rapp – Bite Em (instrumental)

Maximus Three – Maximus Party

Pac-Man – I´m a Pac Man

T.Ski Valley – Billie Jean (Valley Style Rap)

T.Ski Valley – Catch the Beat

Rockmaster Scott &The Dynamic Three – Request Line

Rockmaster Scott &The Dynamic Three – The Roof is on Fire

L Bow.


Anonymous said...

Sick tracks man!

but seems like every track is reorded with out "hi" ?

The bass sounds good but doesnt feeel like 320 :)

Anonymous said...

where's the anquette??? lol