Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oooooohkay....Marvy (from afore-mentioned Booty Call Crew) dropped knowledge on us whilst we were drunk in Paris last week. 'Daggering' (or 'Daggarin') seems to be a recent craze sweeping Jamaican dancehalls, and like the 'Wu-Tang' and the 'Spongebob' before, is taking over as one of my favourite dances in the club (watch me bring it to the shitty bars of Shoreditch, Im going to get arrested). From what I can tell its like a more rough and violent version of winding, check the videos above....looks kinda daft right? Apparently it sometimes 'making a face like an ogre' too! WOW. Mr. Vegas and a whole host of others seem to be on it as well....

Mr. Vegas - Daggering
Monster Empire - Daggering


RDX - Party (Hammertime Riddim)

Lucas x


Nathaniel said...

thats called rape.



Kjell said...

creeds for best blog!