Thursday, June 12, 2008

More vocals on deep grooves really in to that these days. Its the brilliant Loco Dice with one from his latest album Dunham Place witch I by the way think is gonna be one of the biggest accomplishments of 08 within house music. I know thats some big words but seriously LD really is showing his greatness on the LP. If you didnt check it out yet youre missing out! This track is deep kind of slow grooving with mad vocals from Pimp Jackson talking about grooves and girls.

Pimp Jackson is talking now!! - Loco Dice

Dan M


Gutter Broadcast said...

great track!!!! bumpy as hell!

JOE H said...

yeah totally agree it's been the album of the year for me so far. btw if you like loco dice check out one of his earlier remixes of daniel taylor - "mord" - loco dice remix
after listening to your zulu house mix i reckon it will be reeeet up your street.