Monday, June 09, 2008

Just back from Edinburgh (thanks to Ampbox for inviting us to play their last party ever, it was amazing!).....Travelling would be a lot harder if I didnt have music. Nice, deep mixtapes help everything fade away into the background, leaving me to think and enjoy the countryside. This is currently my favourite thing to listen to, Style Of Eye starts off all wonky and bleepy before going quite serious towards the latter half. It is part two of the Winter Sessions (out on OM) and the other half is taken care of by the dreadfully named DJ Hipp-E (which is good but a little too deep for my liking). Enjoy!

Winter Sessions Vol.2 - Part 2 Mixed by Style Of Eye

1. Style Of Eye/Worthy - "H-Bomb/Bird Of Prey" (Style Of Eye remix)
2. The Rejekts - Rejektion
3. Style Of Eye - Fick
4. Oliver Huntemann - Fashion Show
5. Tiger Stripes - Nacht
6. The Ties - Home
7. Oscar - Digital Rain
8. Gel Abril - Very Wrong
9. Marc Romboy vs Stephan Bodzin - Mab
10. Worthy - Copius
11. Phunklarique & Dejonka - Jewelcase
12. Style Of Eye - Hide
13. Paul Panzer - Mariannenplatz
14. Jens Zimmerman - Flusensaub
15. Dubfire - Ribcage
16. Minilogue - Space
17. Marc Romboy vs Stepahn Bodzin

Lucas x

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