Monday, June 16, 2008

Just dropping you my Happy House banger of the day. Amazing horns innit!

how was youre weekend by the way mine was just an easy 5 hour set in Cph on Friday then seeing Norman Weber aka House Norman (Luna City Express) play a fantastic DJ set at Nadsat. Look out for his name around youre town and make sure to go if you get the chance! Rest of weekend was spend on my beautiful girl and little Frida (our baby dog). The pic is my bird- nicked it from Facehunter

Dance (Kerri Chandler´s Centro Fly Mix) - Earth People

Yours truly,

Dan M


Andy said...

as long as used responsibly, ain't nothing wrong with a li'l happy nor a li'l hardcore pleasure.

INDOE said...

agree on the responsebility bro