Saturday, June 21, 2008

There has been much mention of Baile in this blog, most of you know how much we love it and some of you are probably even a little tired of hearing about it. Its a tag that constantly gets dropped in the UK press and listings, sometimes used as a badge of 'credibility' and it seems some people are a little confused as to what the hell it is. Baile had its hipster phase and nowadays I can count the people that are still playing the stuff in London on my right hand, so this mix acts a homage to the music we love and respect. Its bound for the world's blogs but of course Gutter Broadcast gets the exclusive! Keep an ear out for Baile versions of the Poltergeist theme, Alter Ego, Satisfaction, Heater, Organ Donor, Yazoo and of course, Rocky!!! Oh and its introduced by the legend that is Edu K

Zombie Disco Squad - Baile Funks Not Dead

1. Baile Funks Not Dead Introduction by Edu K
2. MC Seu Kuke - A casa do seu kuke
3. Bola De Fogo - Atoladinha (Enterradinha)
4. Os Hawainanos - Vem Kikando
5. Luciano DJ - Alter Baile
6. Carlinho e Celinho - Jogo de Bicho
7. SD Boys - Uh!Uh!Uh! Ta Tomando
8. MC Frank - Cabelo Encolheu
9. Tati Quebra Barraco - Boladona
10. Dennis DJ - Xacoalhado de skol
11. MC Primo - Diretoria
12. Scottie b ft. Moleque Bil - Mais Ela
13. MC Biro Leyby - Cria asa Periquita
14. Jack e Chocolate - Danca do Mexico
15. Amandinha - Essa e pra Virar
16. Edu K ft. Deize - Injecao TNT
17. Bonde Do Popo - ?
18. DJ Wally - Danca do Calango
19. DJ Luciano Oliveira - Funk Carioca
20. Montagem - Ta Mancando
21. Sandrinho - Organ Donor
22. Montagem - Black box
23. Sandrinho - Yazoo
24. MC Pe de Pano e Rael - Ela ta Doida
25. MC Cindinho e Doca - Rap Da Felicidade
26. MC Camita - Mexe Com Meu Marido
27. Bonde do Come Quieto - Ela Balanca mas nao para
28. Gailoa das Popozudas - Late que Eu to Passando
29. Bonde Do Tiagro - O Baile Todo
30. ? - Tres tenores
31. Tati - Mirante
32. Gilberto DJ - Chumbo Quente

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