Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hello I am on holiday eating Ice cream in my pants & I have been listening to a lot of switch and have decided the man is a genius..... you probably know that already. I had forgotten it, being blindsided by what fidget house has become, I forgot the simplicity and straight up goodness of the his stuff that just jacks like hell,

who else could make Robbie sound good.

Robbie Williams-Never Touch That Switch (Switch remix)


Ps- the link was nabbed from La New Shit


INDOE said...

u oughta grow your hair long dude! or keep that sexy wig on..

really feel like an afternoon shag with u

DJ GUZ said...

i think N that u have a pre sale for duke dumont's dominion dubs 12"... duke+switch's label=golden jack

i think i have yo steal a stereo and then trade it, change pesos to euros and wait to ship... pretty hard?