Monday, June 16, 2008

Just back from Norway, Bergen to be precise...thats Mickal from Telle Records up there, he is a strong contender for best host ever. He took us to see this church that got burnt down by some mental black metal guy, it seems the scene is pretty fucking serious - we heard stories that involved record label managers and sacrificed sheep, which I found really intriguing seeing as everything in Norway seems to be pretty much perfect. Whilst Mickal warmed up in the club the night before he played this bomb, somehow it managed to sneak past the Zombie radar when it was released late last year. Green Velvet gets all sexy with Russoul on the track, minimal blips and soulful vocals make for a really nice bouncy track that makes me want to 'get my groove on' or something equally as revolting. Now go to Beatport and buy the Gant-Man juke remix! (then check out his Calabria remix....ha!)

Green Velvet ft. Russoul - Walk

Lucas x

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