Friday, July 18, 2008

Three points of extra-ordinary note on this otherwise ordinary Friday.

1. Maaaaassssive thanks go out to This Is Music Ltd for seeing the possiblities in Mujava's 'Township Funk' track. We featured the dude on here ages ago and it seems like he is getting an official release complete with a Beedle re-edit and everything. I hope we finally hear more of this guy and he gets his act together and gets a myspace up and running.

2. Put this in your diary, Barclay and the gang are headed for London next weekend (25th). Unit 7 in Limehouse plays home to the first ever 'Official' Dirtybird party. Justin Martin and Tim Green will be in tow for what you know will probably be one of the parties of the year...just so you know.

3. Nutcases...I tell you. My search for more Pretoria House somehow lead me to this. The art of 'Gusheshe' (BMW) spinning seems to be quite popular judging by all the You Tube posts, one video attributed the event to the dying of a local Tsotsi (thief/gangster). Insane.

We're off to Ibiza! If we dont come back you can find us on the beachfront playing Orb 12"s every sunrise (with beaded beards and wearing a lot of linen).

L x


alex.sushon said...
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Bok Bok said...

township funk is huge !!
people are really all over the tune, for good reason its so amazing