Sunday, July 06, 2008

Montreal based artist Guillaume Coutu Dumont is killing me with his far out blend of funk, house, techno, gospel, afro-beat and things I don´t even have words for. He is releasing great stuff right now with his solo project Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts. His recent remix of French boy Sety (another cool cat from their respective label Circus Company whom is also hosting hot acts Like Noze, Oleg Paliakov and Samim) has been working for me all weekend playing first a super posh place on Friday and another quite posh one on Saturday. Even had this track on twice yesterday for these smooth looking, Cigar licking, Scooter driving, tight Tees mofos. Love the keys coming in at 4 min´s 50!

Mogane (guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts) - Sety

You´re Danish Connection Dan M


kjell said...

this is dope!

Ouzo One said...

Must be dope. Link is broken

DaDa KingZ said...

plz fix that link guys

INDOE said...

link should be working now