Friday, July 25, 2008

Everynow and then something comes along that makes me have the 'I-wish-I-had-done-that' feeling, although nowadays it is getting rarer and rarer, it still pops up from time to time. Most recently I had it when listening to this KuBo mixtape, his style is a perfect balance between Dark Techno, Kudoro-ish Beats, Dubbed out echos and the kind of subtlety that would keep me dancing all night long. Somehow it still manages to retain that banging intensity that we all know and love and I for one will pushing this stuff as hard as I can, as this, ladies and gentlemen is really the sound of Get Rude at the moment.

KuBo Mixtape
(all tunes by KuBo)
01. aranja
02. rebola
03. turnament version feat. Yasmine Seydi
04. turnament
05. uepa
06. un corpo
07. kubo precut (no name yet )
08. lem lem
09. tindao

L x

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