Monday, July 14, 2008

THANKYUH to all the dudes that came down to Get Rude on Saturday, once again it was rammed and had a really nice atmosphere to it. Cheers to Mumdance for playing a shedload of old Garage and all!

To make your Monday just that little bit easier, heres a brand new mix out of the Zombie towers!


1. Hakeem Ya Hoo - Khanleny Beaaed
2. Swag- '85
3. Kink-Same Old Thing- Phil Weeks Ghetto Mix
4. Missy Elliot -Lose Control (René van Munster Remix)
5. Riva Star- Maria
6. Mastiksoul, Asad Rizvi- Monkey Businez
7. Mastiksoul- Pimp It - Gabo Remix
8. Mike Dixon-House Of Mouths - D's Piece Of The Pie
9. Johnny Rock- Hula Dance
10. Zoo Brazil- Strive
11. Phil Weeks-Cronic Cocktails
12. Elite Force -No Turning Back- Solo and Mowgli mix
13. Natural Rhythm- Mumble Mouth (Style Of Eye Remix)
14. Kenny Jammin Jason- Can You Dance

L x


INDOE said...

lovely work boyz

dj guz said...

i like that last track, fast eddie also has an edit of it though, i can dance... je t'aime avh sample lesson 1

Hey Joe said...

Love the mix. Gutted I missed Get Rude but that will teach me to go clubbing on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday when I have plans for Saturday.