Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Back from a long week in the Valencian sun, tanned and slightly starved of music. Most of the beats I did hear were supplied by the Spanish teenagers on the Metro, it was refreshing to hear that the kids prefer to listen to original traditional Spanish music as opposed to the diluted R&B that London yoofs like so much.

A lesson in Bass today, the music that told you whether your car speaker system was up to scratch....

First up is a classic in the form of The Miami Bass Machine, rolling basslines, bad raps and that boom-boom-boom pattern that has influenced the Martin Brothers so much. I love those high and low pitched vocals so much!

The Miami Bass Machine - Bassadelic

Next up is a beautiful ballad that is as romantic as it is delicate, I played this to my girlfriend and she walked out the room....dayum.

Disco Rick - Fuck Around the Clock

And lastly is the Cadillac anthem by DJ Nasty, cool scratch chorus with a catchy hook!

DJ Nasty - My Cadillac Got Bass




Anonymous said...

link is wrong for DJ nasty.

Gutter Broadcast said...

fixed! sorry!