Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So picture the (incredibly surreal) scene...

We just landed in Ibiza after a straight-through-no-sleep flight from Stanstead, left our bags at Scarface's Villa and found ourselves at dinner with Judge Jules, Krafty Kuts, Eddie Halliwell and some Dutch Trance producer called Bart. The warm-up DJ at the restuarant is playing some nice Tech-House with definite zulu leanings, both of us bouncing around in our chairs whilst the Hard House mafia sign autographs for excited Scottish teenagers. One track in particular makes me approach the booth and ask for the author of said banger-langer, and it turns out I have been sleeping heavily on Mr. Franky Rizardo (who appears to be of the same ilk as Sidney Sampson et al). It also turns out that this track would go on to be the best song I heard the entire night, now go and buy his Voodoo and Flutetest tracks from Beatport like I just did.

Franky Rizardo - Sensei

L x

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! nice track !