Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mapei - Videovixens

Simply amazing...makes me think that Sweden is in a constant flux of 1990-ness. Mapei is our favourite and is going to go BIG. Trust us....


He's singing and dancing now?! Godamn....Im into that shaved bit on the side of his head, too punk rock.

Lil Lucas

Yes, as mentioned below....finally a lineup to get me excited! Worthy makes a rare appearence alongside our pin up boy of the year Riva Starr and new kid Tim Green (check for the Justin Martin remix of his track, Revox). We are able to offer as many free concessions as possible, so message us through the myspace with your full names. Also if you feel that you know us well enough to blag freebies, please go ahead....its a gonna be a family affair!

Lucas x

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Worthy in the Copenhagen house

..Yep you heard me. Worthy (Dirtybird) is playing in da Cph on Thursday at Club For Heroes.

Know that he´s gonna be at The Egg (Ldn) Friday as well with a great lineup on the night and I wish I could be there! But first I´m gonna have to support CFH to the mutha-fucking Cph. Yay yay!

Crack el - Worthy

Dan M

Remember that Heater track?? You know the one with the accordion that stormed club land. Well Samim is back with a new ep. The original is a slow tempo kind hip hop chill out thing, The Derick Carter remix is where it gets good though... JaCking.

Samim ft Big Bully- The Lick Derrick Carter Dub Mix

Nathaniel x

Monday, April 28, 2008

I cant think of a time when this track hasnt worked. Its like a trusty old steed that will never let you down, one that serves as a break mid set and also as a ramp to something a little harder. I have played it me. Its been around for ages, but if you havent copped it, be sure to do so...thanks to Nacho Lovers for adding a little extra old school flavour to the track.

LL & Steve Angello - Be (Nacho Lovers Edit)

PS: Did someone say 'ZULU'??

Saturday, April 26, 2008

South Germany is where its at tonight

Come through if you´re any where around here. Shits gonna be mad fun. Last gig at this spot was with the fantastic ZDS, you know who Im talking about and damn that place was jumping. Im actually down here right now posting this one. Its 17 degrees and I tell you beer hasnt tasted this good for a long time. Nice! Very excited cause I know later on will be one to remember. One of my all time favorite berlins are coming down to tare shit up with me. Can you all say SHIRKAN!!

Dan M

Friday, April 25, 2008

Our house

Tonight Club LYN is going down again. LYN (Cph) is a club started recently by kids who spends too much time going out. No matter where Im at in Copenhagen these kids are there. They hooked up with someone who had the right facilities and boom 1200 people comes through on the opening night (thats good for small Cph). Hats of to these dudes for doing something for our humble club scene.

This track is a remix by jacking prince 19 year old Nick Supply. Zup with kids on the move these days, shiit!

Our house (Nick Supplys Housecat remix) - Tony Flexx, Uhm

Dan M

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So many elements in this weird jacking tehno track that makes me wanna pull out my best friend and play with him in the middle of the streets when everybody is looking. Sorry, but that was just the words that came out of my mind trying to describe this new favorite of mine. Its from German Andre Crom who seems to be having a great year. Check out his schedule and releases.

Nuf said here we go

Straitjacket (Andre Crom Autopsy mix) - Catz

Dan M

There is a very cheeky label called Tiger Records. They re-sing or re-sample lots and lots of very famous songs and they make electro house versions. As shady as this sounds this remix of Samir's Theme is really good. Imagine African b-more!

King Amir - Samir's Theme- Sidney Samson_remix

ps: The real original is by Debonair Samir.

Nathaniel X

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hello brave new blog

I´m da newest sucker on this sun of a blog and cant wait to post loads of stuff up here. Mainly Ill continue on the already very laid back kind of blogging. Not too scientific, clever, deep and so on nope just posting as much info on something so that one actually wants to read shit. With a little something extra to it. A joke, a loving comment or maybe even a hateful verbal beating on something I find stupid, fucked, lame or nasty. As well Ill be sharing stuff from the streets of Denmark with you, things you wouldnt have had the chance to here about from elsewhere on less you spend way too much time on the endless paths of blogs. Its not gonna be reports on the danish club and music scene tho promise..

To start of heres some dark, hot stuff from Mr Claude Von Stroke.

War Paint ft. Gina Mitchell (Claude Von Stroke remix) - Poxymusic


Dan M

Monday, April 21, 2008

wooo first post by me!


The Outhere Brothers - Pass The Toilet Paper

ps. if anyone has the first Outhere Brother album can you message me on myspace and somehow give me a copy/the real thing?

Man Recordings comes up with the goodies again! Haaksman has been working with Beware out of Austria (keep em peeled for our radio mix coming next week on his show) and Sandrinho from the motherland and produced a battle vinyl of Baile related bits. Its definitely a first of its kind and high quality (good for producers too), the best part is that the center sticker has a tiny cut out of Mr. Haaksman's head, so you can watch him spinning around as you 'transform' or 'crab' or whatever it is that 'turntablists' do these eh?

Check the demo video here! It features Beware, Rockid and Haaksman himself getting lizzoose on the decks. FFFF-FFF-FRESH. AHHH-YEAHHHH etc etc.

Lucas x

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This track mashed people up at the last Get Rude. It borders on the cheesy (okay, it's quite 'big room' to say the least) but I am feeling the Mexican samples and bassline. Gypsy House!

Jean Claude Ades & Vincent Thomas - Shingaling


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ahh Bmore, remember the good days?....getting excited over Curtis Vodka, visting the Low Bee Forum every five minutes, discovering the Crookers for the first time. DJ Rampage has featured here before and will again because he takes me back to the days of Baltimore Club being well wicked. I asked him to make a mix and he kindly obliged. It sure to check the DJ Sega track 5 songs in.

GutterBroadcast is underground!

DJ Rampage - Southside Bmore Beatdown

DJ B-Stee - Party N Bullshit
Rampage - How We Do It (Southside Remix)
Rampage - Deep Inside
DJ Sega - Brighter Days 08
Tim Dolla - Come Go With Me
Rampage - Bounce It Girl
Charlie Glitch - Dance
Rainbo Video - Tt (Rampage Edit)
Rob Threezy - Get On Da Flo
Rob Threezy - Love to the World
Rampage - Real Love
Rob Threezy - Boogie Nights
Charlie Glitch - Dreams Come True
Rampage - Hittin' Switches
Rampage - Return to Castle Vania
DJ Trew - Morning Comes
Moon Man - Crystal Crime
Zebo - Southside Chicago Refix


Guten Morgen- Some German music for you today- Plinky Plonkys, a beautiful bass line and a jacking beat make up this Poker Flat classic from Steve Bug. Listen to the way the bass line comes in- ahhhh...j'adore j'adore... oh wait this is meant to be a German theme- fantastisch-fantastisch...

Steve Bug- That Kid


Monday, April 14, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen. I present the best remix ever. Please bow down.

Kid Cudi- Day and Night (crookers remix)


Two Massive coffee's, a million cigarette's and half a apple pie and Monday is starting to look like a day that might actually be ok.

Guess what?...what? It's Jacking House time....

Dj Sneak- The Underground- Sneak mix

PS- How good is his use of a game show buzzer!

Nathaniel x

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kraftwerk style percussion, a very electro-clash vocal and some amazing melodic stabs- The perfect Sunday house song.

Rob Mello- Fantasize

Nathaniel x

Saturday, April 12, 2008

What the fuck happened to Garage? (and I dont mean Bassline, Speed Garage, Grime or any of those other soul-less genres that were spawned from it) Seriously, what happened? Some of the most melodic and beautiful music that has ever come from the UK seemed to just stop in its tracks. The crazy behaviour of a few dickheads in the scene affected the whole 'industry'?? It just stopped and got confined to pirate radio stations that only ever seem to play the classics? Most producers are now knocking on 40 years old, living with their parents and smoking crack....or so my girlfriend seems to think (and trust me, if anyone knows, she does). MC Creed can be found gig-less, whoring his services for 'radio jingles', Norris 'Da Boss' Windross (best name ever in the world ever x100) seems to making piss poor soul stuff and playing Xbox with Windross Jnr. It seems like nobody seems to be making decent, nice Garage anymore! I'm actually upset about this, so upset I'm off to buy some Moschino jeans, a lime green Ralph Lauren shirt and a bottle of bubbly and head off into Essex to see if I can find any raves out there.....

Im starting to rip my old Garage stuff to Mp3, amongst the various Locked On stuff, I found this, enjoy.....

Same People - Dangerous

Also included is this Kim English track, its one of the first tracks where House started to crossover into Garage. Seems kinda slow doesnt it? First out on Nervous Records (which is home to my favourite logo of all time).

Kim English - Nite Life

If I can be bothered, and also if I get enough requests to do so, I may rip some more of this stuff and stick it up here....I feel like somebody should be doing it.

Lucas x

Friday, April 11, 2008

Welcome to Gutter Broadcast V.2.0!

We have decided to open the doors of Gutter Broadcast to a few chosen friends. Ladies and Gents, please welcome Touche! Tranter from GameboyGamegirl! and the wonderful Mowgli to proceedings! Keep your eyes peeled for more contributors very soon....

Gutter Broadcast will never be a hype blog, it has always been about good music and we are happy being small fry, but if you want to contribute something, please send it to and we will take a look.

Now spread the fucking word.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

It all started after I bet my best buddy Johnny boy to jump in the lake on Christmas day- ever since then we have been daring each other to do stupid things. We done all sorts of stupid things- last summer I did gone dearly piss my pants when I knocked down a bee hive with a stick and the bee's did chase me near half way across the wood- I only escaped cos I jumped in the lake- those bee's were mighty angry.
Anyways it was last Tuesday and it was a hot one and me and Johnny boy were drinking lemonade out back of his house and he starts telling me about his uncle rod going missing in the swamp many years ago and how some folk think it was some kinda beast got him. I told him to shut up - everyone knows the only beasts in the swamp are those big mos'kitos. So we get to having a little slang match- and anyways the upshot is we decide to go into the swamp with my daddy's Japanese camera and if there is any beast get us a photo. So next morning we get up before it gets too hot round about six and head in to the swamp. It's hard work but after two or so hours we get into the deep swamp where no one ever goes. And we stop for a sit down cos we dead tired after all that wading- I tell johnny boy he's a idiot thinking there was anything out here but big mos'kitos when this thing grabs my foot- I scream and get about running for my life not stopping till I get to the edge of the swamp. I thought Johnny boy was just behind me but he weren't no where to been seen. I keep running till I get home and tell my daddy what happen'. The adults searched for him for two days but never found him- I belive in the swamp thang now and am damn sorry for not believing johnny boy in the first place. You only have one best buddy.

Justin Martin and Sammy D - Swamp Thang

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

This little tech house treasure fell in to my grubby mits via Fredski's blog (worth a look and when your there look at Dan m's too... here).

It's a nice driving track that sits nicely on the fence between tech and...

Gavin Herlihy- Opium Haze - Original Mix

Nathaniel x

Crookers love bass. Basslines, Bassline House, Booty Bass, Double Basses, Shandy name it they love it.

Friends it is with great pleasure I present to:


1. uaaauapppappapppappappa

2. buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

3. duruduruduruduruduruduruduru - WOW!

Remember kids, you heard it here first!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Heres a bit of fun for you.....

Alter Ego Vs Gaiola Das Popozudas - Why Not?/Late Que Eu To Passando

And heres the lovely ladies in action....

Monday, April 07, 2008

Booka Shade are responsible for some of the nicest music ever. I have been playing both of their albums steadily since I got them. You already know the stories and history, so I wont go into it. They have a new album, 'The Sun and the Neon Light', launching on 26th May, its a lot more 'song' based and doesnt feature many club is however, still a great piece of music and you should go and buy it from Beatport of somewhere.

Heres a taster of whats to come. Planetary will also feature as a 12" released just before the album drops.

Booka Shade - Planetary

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This track just made me fall off my chair, no jokes. Wait for the pops.....

Lil Wayne - Cant Stop, Wont Stop

(Make sure you cop Da Drought 3, its probably the best mixtape ever)

okay- we got all fancy with a embedded player- I hope you impressed.

Sebastien Leger has made a really amazing melodic track that reminds me of the seminal Severed Head's track Dead Eye's Opened (get that here )....
If you want to download the track just click on the Divshare logo.

Sebastien Leger - Jaguar Scratch

ps: the photo is by Robin Jonsson