Monday, April 21, 2008

Man Recordings comes up with the goodies again! Haaksman has been working with Beware out of Austria (keep em peeled for our radio mix coming next week on his show) and Sandrinho from the motherland and produced a battle vinyl of Baile related bits. Its definitely a first of its kind and high quality (good for producers too), the best part is that the center sticker has a tiny cut out of Mr. Haaksman's head, so you can watch him spinning around as you 'transform' or 'crab' or whatever it is that 'turntablists' do these eh?

Check the demo video here! It features Beware, Rockid and Haaksman himself getting lizzoose on the decks. FFFF-FFF-FRESH. AHHH-YEAHHHH etc etc.

Lucas x

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