Thursday, April 10, 2008

It all started after I bet my best buddy Johnny boy to jump in the lake on Christmas day- ever since then we have been daring each other to do stupid things. We done all sorts of stupid things- last summer I did gone dearly piss my pants when I knocked down a bee hive with a stick and the bee's did chase me near half way across the wood- I only escaped cos I jumped in the lake- those bee's were mighty angry.
Anyways it was last Tuesday and it was a hot one and me and Johnny boy were drinking lemonade out back of his house and he starts telling me about his uncle rod going missing in the swamp many years ago and how some folk think it was some kinda beast got him. I told him to shut up - everyone knows the only beasts in the swamp are those big mos'kitos. So we get to having a little slang match- and anyways the upshot is we decide to go into the swamp with my daddy's Japanese camera and if there is any beast get us a photo. So next morning we get up before it gets too hot round about six and head in to the swamp. It's hard work but after two or so hours we get into the deep swamp where no one ever goes. And we stop for a sit down cos we dead tired after all that wading- I tell johnny boy he's a idiot thinking there was anything out here but big mos'kitos when this thing grabs my foot- I scream and get about running for my life not stopping till I get to the edge of the swamp. I thought Johnny boy was just behind me but he weren't no where to been seen. I keep running till I get home and tell my daddy what happen'. The adults searched for him for two days but never found him- I belive in the swamp thang now and am damn sorry for not believing johnny boy in the first place. You only have one best buddy.

Justin Martin and Sammy D - Swamp Thang

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