Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hello brave new blog

I´m da newest sucker on this sun of a blog and cant wait to post loads of stuff up here. Mainly Ill continue on the already very laid back kind of blogging. Not too scientific, clever, deep and so on nope just posting as much info on something so that one actually wants to read shit. With a little something extra to it. A joke, a loving comment or maybe even a hateful verbal beating on something I find stupid, fucked, lame or nasty. As well Ill be sharing stuff from the streets of Denmark with you, things you wouldnt have had the chance to here about from elsewhere on less you spend way too much time on the endless paths of blogs. Its not gonna be reports on the danish club and music scene tho promise..

To start of heres some dark, hot stuff from Mr Claude Von Stroke.

War Paint ft. Gina Mitchell (Claude Von Stroke remix) - Poxymusic


Dan M


Gutter Broadcast said...

wow..this blogs amazing, i have been waiting for this shit for ages!!

hahah....welcome dan.

Anonymous said...

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