Saturday, April 12, 2008

What the fuck happened to Garage? (and I dont mean Bassline, Speed Garage, Grime or any of those other soul-less genres that were spawned from it) Seriously, what happened? Some of the most melodic and beautiful music that has ever come from the UK seemed to just stop in its tracks. The crazy behaviour of a few dickheads in the scene affected the whole 'industry'?? It just stopped and got confined to pirate radio stations that only ever seem to play the classics? Most producers are now knocking on 40 years old, living with their parents and smoking crack....or so my girlfriend seems to think (and trust me, if anyone knows, she does). MC Creed can be found gig-less, whoring his services for 'radio jingles', Norris 'Da Boss' Windross (best name ever in the world ever x100) seems to making piss poor soul stuff and playing Xbox with Windross Jnr. It seems like nobody seems to be making decent, nice Garage anymore! I'm actually upset about this, so upset I'm off to buy some Moschino jeans, a lime green Ralph Lauren shirt and a bottle of bubbly and head off into Essex to see if I can find any raves out there.....

Im starting to rip my old Garage stuff to Mp3, amongst the various Locked On stuff, I found this, enjoy.....

Same People - Dangerous

Also included is this Kim English track, its one of the first tracks where House started to crossover into Garage. Seems kinda slow doesnt it? First out on Nervous Records (which is home to my favourite logo of all time).

Kim English - Nite Life

If I can be bothered, and also if I get enough requests to do so, I may rip some more of this stuff and stick it up here....I feel like somebody should be doing it.

Lucas x


MICHAEL said...

awesome!!! holy shit. been looking for the dangerous track FOR EVERRRRRR!!!


U guys rock, keep it up

Jake said...

Thanks for the tunes guys. BTW my copy of Dangerous is def speed garage. But not souless! It was stuff like this that seriously pissed off all those old garage heads like Norris "Da boss". Get yer facts straight!!!

Josh Console said...

Nite Life is a tune but the Armand Van Heldon remix is the onneeeeeeeee.