Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ahh Bmore, remember the good days?....getting excited over Curtis Vodka, visting the Low Bee Forum every five minutes, discovering the Crookers for the first time. DJ Rampage has featured here before and will again because he takes me back to the days of Baltimore Club being well wicked. I asked him to make a mix and he kindly obliged. It bangs.....be sure to check the DJ Sega track 5 songs in.

GutterBroadcast is underground!

DJ Rampage - Southside Bmore Beatdown

DJ B-Stee - Party N Bullshit
Rampage - How We Do It (Southside Remix)
Rampage - Deep Inside
DJ Sega - Brighter Days 08
Tim Dolla - Come Go With Me
Rampage - Bounce It Girl
Charlie Glitch - Dance
Rainbo Video - Tt (Rampage Edit)
Rob Threezy - Get On Da Flo
Rob Threezy - Love to the World
Rampage - Real Love
Rob Threezy - Boogie Nights
Charlie Glitch - Dreams Come True
Rampage - Hittin' Switches
Rampage - Return to Castle Vania
DJ Trew - Morning Comes
Moon Man - Crystal Crime
Zebo - Southside Chicago Refix


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Anonymous said...

this mix is dope son!