Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yes Yes Merrychristmess. Lots of love to all of our readers, hope you have had a nice festive time and are ready enjoy the New Year parties! In addition to the last post, here is the full radio show from Heidi's recent 'In New DJs We Trust' which aired on Radio 1, the show features your favourite and mine....MR. CVS and the minimix includes ours and Solo's new 'Congo Fire' EP which is out on Dirtybird in the new year. Enjoyeux vous!!!!

Heidi's Radio 1 Show featuring CVS

1. Riva Starr vs. Noze - Bootleg
2. Seth Troxler - Aphrika
3. Los Vatos - Untitled
4. Morgan Geist - Detroit (c2RMX by Carl Craig) (Environ)
5. Burnski - Nubreed (Infant)
6. Fausto Messina - Siboney
7. H.O.S.H. - The Valve (Diynamic)
8. La Pena - Cheesecake (La Pena)
9. D.H.S. - House of God (Phonique Remix) (Poker Flat)
10. Steve Bug - Houze (Ovum)
11. Gemmy - Bass Transmitter (Punch Drunk)
12. Mihalis Safras and Gummish - Catman (Trapez Ltd.)
13. Claude VonStroke on the Phone
14. Riva Starr - La Conga (Dirtybird)

Claude VonStroke Mix

1. Jan Driver - Ratcatcher Dub (Made to play)
2. Mowgli - Pop Po Pan (Accapella) (Nat Self Remix) (Deadfish Records)
3. Minimorph - Crazy Days (Capsula Especial)
4. Solo - Congaloid (Dirtybird)
5. Martin Bros - Dum (ICS remix) (Dirtybird)
6. Frankie - Salute! (Faste music)
7. Sascha Braemer and Philip Bader - Thrill (Accapella) (Kindisch)
8. Ted Patterson - Lique the Tipper (CDR)
9. Zombie Disco Squad - The Dance (Dirtybird)

1. Robert Dietz - Sunshowers (Cecille)
2. Actor One - People's Natural Respect (CDR)
3. Model 500 - Starlight (R + S Records) [Heidi's Classic]


Anonymous said...

this is the stocking stuffer that i was looking for...

- jamal

Anonymous said...

I seriously believe in god

/Jesus Banger


ZDS is the gospel

Anonymous said...

is it true yours and solo's ep aint out till march?!
ps.i think we all wanna hear escapade and twang...