Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Blamma Blamma! Second mix of the day, this one was made especially for GutterBroadcast. Daniel Steinberg is a champ, we are big fans of his twisted music, from the cut-up madness of Cobra Limbos to the chunky fidget like-beats of Viwa La Fiwa. Berlin resident Mr. Steinberg can be found selling his wares on Frontroom as well the Style Rockets label, and also puts out more Tech stylings under his Harry Axt moniker. Now go and say a big thankyou to Daniel over the internet whilst listening to this superb mix, whooooop!

Daniel Steinberg - Treptower Nachte

1. Late Of The Pier Bathroom – Gurgle (Duke Dumont remix)
2. Julian Chaptal - balkafono
3. Boris Werner - sambosa
4. Paul Rich – crazy madness (Lucca Bacchetti remix)
5. Daniel Steinberg - pay for me (Lauhaus remix)
6. Robert Dietz – shunsower
7. Daniel Steinberg – dont you know?
8. Siobey – siboney
9. Daniel Steinberg – i like to be (Markus Meinhard remix)
10. Riva Star – snach!
11. Jesse Rose & Oliver $ - deize tigrona ( Oliver $ mix)
12. Dave Angel – timeless
13. Je davu – music got you movin
14. Eyerer & Namito – seefeuer
15. Broombeck – mono turn (Sebastian Lutz remix)
16. Kaiserdisco - traction
17. Pierce Jerl – blanc de blancs
18. Marco Carola – dancing days
19. SiS – nesrip
20. Marmion - schöneberg

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Anonymous said...

shiiiiiiiit whats that siboney track i don't find it anywhere?!
please may someone help me