Thursday, December 18, 2008

An interesting article on the 'death' of Minimal Techno can be found here. Apart from it being maybe a little late and a little severe at the same time, it raises some interesting points that we have all been noticing lately, the Guardian gets in on the action........

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Anonymous said...

jesus- thats a hazy memory!


Anonymous said...

thanks for linkin to some proper journalism;)

"crookers and herve"- what a fucking wanker!

comment section was closed for entry oterwise I had been writing the sucker that he is the slowest dude in town and if he is in the music business for real he schould seriously think about blowing his brain out with big fucking gun.

talentless son of a bitch!

besos from your favorite critic

max squad aka the gospel

oh and by the way.

Anonymous said...

..think im gonna have to come see you guys play sometime. heard you are quite gay but really awesome.


Anonymous said...

max squad is a douchebag...
crookers, herve et al are pioneering this "fidget" sound and are making it more popular (mainly through the oh-so trendy blogosphere).
We cant all be as cool as you maxxie boy, but when it comes to the "new" sound of the past year or two, i think the talentless son of a bitch who needs to blow out his brain with a big fucking gun has got the producers responsible down to a fucking t.

i never championned the purely minimal sound but i do appreciate the odd kompact release etc... give me a tribal house beat anyday though..

good article, keep the goods comin' boys.


DJ GUS said...

i'm now playing a lot cajual and kdj stuff


DJ GUS said...

wow guys!!
i'm listening the mtp podcast
the dancer is huuuuuuuuuuge

Anonymous said...

Since we have gone all ' Serious Journalism' for a minute- I am going to have a rant.

Why on earth are the mainstream press responsible for mapping something like the decline in minimal? (ok this article isn't that bad and makes some very solid points- but the man is making a very generalized point- that ignores lots of factors, such as the fact that minimal is still very much alive in country's like Italy), or for that matter naming genres (see this puke for evidence--- - It seems to me that once Chantel Fiddie and her army of musically uneducated ilk get their grubby mits in to what ever is fresh or exciting they have a habit of mixing up all the sub genre names, completely confusing the artists involved and then packaging the whole thing under a new title (only a idiot would try and coin a genre ...he he... tumble weeds, whistling, me looking a bit sheepish etc).
I'm aware that the mainstream press is called mainstream for a reason and that if you are of the 'Umm I like a bit of underground house music' variety then your going to gain very little out of a great deal of publications- however it seems to me that in almost every other field of journalism the facts have to be straight (in the states they employ fact checkers)- should this not be the same in dance music journalism.

rant over- I'm off to burn some dj mags and wipe my bum with a london paper.



Anonymous said...

he is mainly talking about england though... and clearly states that in germany it isnt dying per se, only evolving.
personally i am all up for the minimalists putting music into their music.
and if you believe that facts in journalism have to be straight then you're a bit clueless...
ever heard of a tabloid?... or the paparazzi?...or the comments section in every newspaper?...

but yeah, max is a bit of a c***.

Kristian Dando said...

I thought there were some good points, well made. An enjoyable read. Its a bit harsh to dub him 'a talentless son of a bitch' - after all, the whole point of pieces like that are to stimulate debate, and he certainly did that.

The Guardian's an indie-centric thing, and it even covering techno got a thumbs up from me. The music coverage is ok - a bit of an NME old boys club - but its football coverage is beyond reproach! The Fiver is one of my most-loved things on the interweb....