Monday, May 04, 2009

We got asked by Miss Mac to submit a minimix for Radio 1. We managed to fit 155 tracks into 5 minutes exactly (previous leader being 154), which, we believe, makes us ALL TIME SUPREME RULING WORLDWIDE UNDEFEATED LEADING CHAMPIONS! Not that we want to draw attention to that fact or anything. They asked for a theme, and, as you might probably be able to guess, its HOUSE music.....enjoy!


You can peep the tracklist and the whole show (which features Nats sexy tones too) here.



nicoperez said...

Sick mini mix. Have you guys checked out Mixcloud? We've got a couple other mini mixes up and would like to invite you to the site (use invite code: blogcloud )

nico (mixcloud)

DJ GUS said...

i didn't listen in yet, but i see there's flat beat
i have that track as ringtone since my cell can play mp3

oizo is too heavy metal now :(

Anonymous said...

one of the coolest things ever.

Anonymous said...

although - is the tracklist really accurate? I'm listening to the two first tracks but they're not the same as the tracklist. suggestions?

Anonymous said...

the track list was crazy hard to do, because a lot of the tracks were simultaneous

Anonymous said...

plus, some tracks are just vocal snippets or percussion!!!

We no lie!


INDOE said...

sick boys! hats off aint enough Ill loose my pants as well. damnit thats a hot potato!

u are the jumping disco swords from now on cause u can rock all of them clubs all over this plannet in five minutes. to quote justin timberlake: Im loving it!


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