Thursday, May 14, 2009

Singapore Slinger....

Hmmm, Singapore and Dance music.....I'm afraid I cant draw any decent comparisons here. I just emerged from an 11 hour flight from London, got another 5 hours wait until I board the next 10 hour flight to Adelaide. Luckily I get to sit and get posh shit served to me for free while I while the hours away in the BA First Lounge. Burning some CDs and I thought I would share this one. Mr. Safras re-uses the vocals he used on Catman, this time with trumpets!

Mihalis Safras feat. NoiDoi - Chicas Latinas

L .


INDOE said...

Rapidshare oh no Luc whut have u done!?


/Wizard of Ass

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Love the picture, I heard that there are some great DJs in Singapore.