Wednesday, May 06, 2009

as sweet a taboo

1. let s get the whole your a bit of a perv out the way. I know it - you know it. blah

2. I have been asked to find girls in london who may wanna be shot by kern so if you know any one drop me a mail.

3. man i love arabic girls



Anonymous said...

why would you need to be naked to put eye drops in?! Kern is the biggest perv of them all!


Anonymous said...

yo! im a cute little chick from battersea (ldn) and i´d like to get naked with you NX. you seem like a trustworthy boy. im only sixteen though so you gotta be gentle with me alright. I asked my parents and they are fine as long as its only you in the room. they are big fans of your work as well.

/Jenny from the block

andy said...

Nothing wrong with being a perv.

Keep 'em coming . . . and the music too!!