Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ZDS on Discobelle-

we have mix and one of our new tracks on the fantastic Discobelle-

c-c-c-c-c-heck i-i-i-i-i-t

Be sure to email names to here for £3 concessions. This event is GUESTLIST ONLY!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

When Harry met Sally

Kevin Saunderson feat Inner city- Big Fun (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)

When John met Yoko

MIA- Paper Planes (DFA remix)

When Pebbles met BamBam

Timberland- The Way we Are (Crookers edit)

When Adam met Eve

Frankie Knuckles Feat Jamie Principle - Your Love

I was contemplating making the image for this post a very attractive lady (riding her bike, most probably to the 'boulangerie' most probably to buy a 'baguette'), but then realised we would be like every other blog from here to Paris. Then I caught this in my new photos folder. Who is this man? Where is he from? What the hell is his name? He looks like I wish I looked....he wins a prize for being the MOST chilling dude in the history of everything. The guy was catching some shut eye in some stinky club while Phra from the Crookers was blasting out some of the loudest music I have ever heard in my life, that demands some respect.

Classic booty for you again today, first up, a dope track with a super catchy hook.

DJ Assault - Sweet Potato Pie

Then a fella you may remember from that Australian band he remixed on that Australian label (no? I cant remember either....). Waxmaster holds it down on Dancemania and Databass all day everyday!

Waxmaster - Big Booty Bitch

Friday, February 22, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I have been alerted to this...I cant believe I wont make it, someone please go for me and bring me pictures!!

Friday, 7 March 2008
Brazilian Baile Funk:
Tati Quebra Barraco + Cidinho & Doca + Mr ShaoDow + DJ's & Dancers From Brazil
At The Galtymore, London

London can look forward to a heavy dose of Brazilian hip hop with the arrival of three of Rio de Janeiro's top hip hop funkerios. Performing live at the Baile Funk (translated: funk dance party) gig will be Brazil's first lady of hip hop, Tati Quebra Barraco, and the stalwarts of the funk industry, MCs Cidinho and Doca. The event promises to be an explosive, high velocity affair just like the Baile Funk parties that take place every weekend in Rio de Janeiro. Please see or for further information and ticket details.
From 8:00pm

Price: £20.00 on door / £15.00 advance

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Flikso by Fakso

A bit of classic Cajual records for you this sunny Tuesday morning. Half techno half booty and 100 percent genius

RT - Can we all just get along.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wideboys meet Snoop Dog, Snoop meet The play nice!

Snoop Dog - Sensual Seduction (The Wideboys Remix)

Now that looks like a paaaaartay! Check the brown suited guy sippin on a cup of flippin tea.....

We havent had enough Club Music on here for a while, which is mostly due to the fact that most 'club' music that can be found recently is a terrible imitation of the real stuff. Im not even going to get into that debate, you got the Low Bee forum for that kind of gossip....

Rod Lee has one of the slickest myspace pages ever, the amount of code that went into that thing is crazy. Be sure to pop over to it here and check out 'Been There Done That', its the best thing I have heard for a while and features the lovely golden tones of the big man himself.

Rod Lee - Gimme Hoe

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Im hyping this early because I am just a little bit excited about it, I predict a fashion style 'walk off' between Sweat X and Cool Kids. Seems like Paris is slowly getting over its legacy of crunchy filtered beats and returning to the bounce.

Hot Tips for 2008.

Ok so we might be a bit late with this, what with it being February and all, but none the less here are some hot tips for people who we reckon are going to blow up this year.

Game Boy Game Girl- A group from sunny Melbourne, Australia. They blend amazing pop melody's with disco and glitchy house to make the best dance floor music since daft met punk. They have their Golden Ghetto Sex ep coming out soon on Sweat It Out Records(with our remix which can be heard on our myspace). The promotional video for the ep is in a post below.

Sweat X- Ok so we have been banging on about these guys for ages, but they are really quite good. if you haven't listened to them yet- Imaging Africa Bambaataa stuck in a lift with Public Enemy and Prince. Their coming to Europe on tour very soon- check their myspaz for dates.

Mowgli and Riva Starr- What the fuck is going on in Italy, is there something in the water or what? Along with Crookers, Clark Able (another one to watch), Nic Sarno and Congo Rock these two YouPorn stallions have been leading the way in a new sound of House music. Riva Starr has an ep about to drop on Skint and Mowgli has a whole bunch of stuff about to come out (check his myspaz). We're glad these two moved over to London!!

Fagget Fairys- Ok- just to get this straight, this isn't (just) a promotion of our remixes! Yes yes we have remixed them, and yes yes we are very happy with the end result and yes yes it did make our heads grow massively when it ripped the dance floor apart......Um any ways.....This pair of sexy Danes are amazing, like Eastern European Baile funk with Garage sensibilities - They have an ep out now on Art Rockers/Palms out which is amazing and buy an Art Rockers T-shirt (and please get us one while you at it.)

Phew, ok, well that's a start. I'm sure there are people that haven't been mentioned, but that's all we can think of for the moment, there may be a part two with em, watch this space.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Man Recordings is on blast! A new adventure in the ongoing 'Baile Funk Masters' is released next week. DJ Amazing Clay (dope name) is the latest in the series and gets dirty with MPCs. To celebrate we have a new mix from the man himself as well as an exclusive new track especially for Gutter Broadcast!

Man Recordings Presents DJ Amazing Clay - 30 Min Mix

amazing clay feat. mc nina - ao som do tamborzao

are back! Be sure to catch this EP when it hits the shops. This promo video is damn good, check Tranters 'truffle shuffle'!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Some Baile Funk videos for you today...

The first one has a clear message, ugly girls get no love.

The second old MC dressing like a Austrian Snowboarder, and he YODELS.

The third features the don dada MC Catra, he is one of my favourite Funk MCs.

African Tribal rhythms- cheesy. Still good -I think so.

Cerrone vs Louie Vega - Dance Ritual

More amazing production from the Crookers.

Need I say more.

Cazals - Life is Boring (Crookers zupa del remix)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

teletubbys doing it good bwoy

dj mujava

The extremely young ADHDJS pointed us in the direction of this heaviness. Being slightly dissapointed with the anti-climax that was Kwaito, I was very surprised to hear this booming out my speakers. South Africa stand up!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

I'm fucking fed up with BIG music. BIG music can take a back seat for a while over here. Fidget has become the new 'blog-house' while 'Blog House' has simply fallen off and become a joke. Most modern dance music nowadays feels like cheap, instantly gratifying sludge that was made in around three hours. I am tired of hearing the same 'waarrrp warp wobble wobble' bassline with the same cut-up ragga vocals over and over again. At the same time, and on a more positive note, I can feel a change happening, especially in London. One that involves a return to 'dance' music, whether it is informed by Minimal, House or Techno or whatever. A welcome return to music that was originally made to make your feet move, as opposed to make your jaw drop and one where music is a little more subtle and allowing than before. All this is a little strange when considering that London is the birthplace of 'boy music fidget' and a place where (in some 'tastemaking' circles anyway) that 'Minimal' and 'House' never quite took off.

I also hesitated when uploading this track, for various reasons (one being that I had found this track a while back and wanted to hold onto it for myself), but at the same time I figure it is important this shit reaches as many people as possible and shows them that music can be amazing without being extreme. As usual, play loud (on good speakers) and make sure you BUY the whole EP over there on Beatport.

Style Of Eye - Sound of the Big Kazoo

Deadmau5 is a bit of funny fella. He seems to have spent many years making really quite rubbish progressive house, and then one morning just decided to swap to making really not bad late night electro.

This is quite a slow builder- just imagine you on drugs. woooop


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Basement Jaxx have put out a couple of really good ep's under their alter ego Pinhead- this one is a fantastic garage fidget kinda thing- weird but really good!!!

Pinhead- Baby Luv (vocal mix)

ps: Photo by Alex Fakso superstar snapper

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

From the land of 'horny computers', space age vocoders, tough dudes and even tougher women comes this collection of prime Miami Bass/Booty/Electro. This stuff is like my golden age of music and the moment someone devotes a whole night to this shit is the moment I get very excited and go to that night and dance all night long (whilst maintaining my B-Boy stance of course). Coming soon....a special one off post on the madness that is Clarence 'Blowfly' Reid (author of such greats as: 'Electronic Pussy Sucker' and 'Fuck the Devil').

j.j. fad - blame it on the muzick

afro rican - get loose do the nasty

miami boys - miami boys gettin off

boyz from the bottom - boom i got your girlfriend

Bart B-more.

Come on you should know this fella by now.

In case you are blind and deaf and not very often on this new crazy thing called the Internet - he's a amazing producer who makes really really good Electro House,Fidget and Techno.

This comes from his ep Basement Beats, it's really good late night electro track- go buy it- it blew my mind.

Bart b more -make some noise

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

We went on a Ghost Walk with Dont Panic (purveyors of cardboard), the resulting (slightly amended article) is to be found here!


Music For Freaks- A amazing label that gets not nearly enough love.

Luke Solomon and Justin Harris founded it way back in 1999, and have kept freaks fans with a steady supply of weird jacking masterpieces ever since.
I own pretty much the entire back catalog on Vinyl and will share a track or two as I convert them.

First up we have the anxiety inducing

Beddy Byes by Jimmy19 from the Bad Acid Compilation

Monday, February 04, 2008

I remember RJD2 making the kind of music that made you want to go out on your skateboard, buy a beer and sit and enjoy the sunshine and stuff. A shame then, that in this case, he puts the most obvious baile kits behind one of his smash confuses the hell out of me. Wheres the Portugese screaming at?

RJD2 - Since We Last Spoke (Baile Version)

Have you noticed how many nights are now claiming to play 'baile funk, booty bass, jacking house' and even 'ghetto house' now? Its outrageous, I swear.....from here on in we only play Country & Western and obscure Polish Folk music.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Heres a brand new mix for you. A couple of new and exclusive tracks here, namely from Oliver $ and Riva loud!