Saturday, February 23, 2008

I was contemplating making the image for this post a very attractive lady (riding her bike, most probably to the 'boulangerie' most probably to buy a 'baguette'), but then realised we would be like every other blog from here to Paris. Then I caught this in my new photos folder. Who is this man? Where is he from? What the hell is his name? He looks like I wish I looked....he wins a prize for being the MOST chilling dude in the history of everything. The guy was catching some shut eye in some stinky club while Phra from the Crookers was blasting out some of the loudest music I have ever heard in my life, that demands some respect.

Classic booty for you again today, first up, a dope track with a super catchy hook.

DJ Assault - Sweet Potato Pie

Then a fella you may remember from that Australian band he remixed on that Australian label (no? I cant remember either....). Waxmaster holds it down on Dancemania and Databass all day everyday!

Waxmaster - Big Booty Bitch

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med said...

haha i know him, he works at american apparel shoreditch!