Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hot Tips for 2008.

Ok so we might be a bit late with this, what with it being February and all, but none the less here are some hot tips for people who we reckon are going to blow up this year.

Game Boy Game Girl- A group from sunny Melbourne, Australia. They blend amazing pop melody's with disco and glitchy house to make the best dance floor music since daft met punk. They have their Golden Ghetto Sex ep coming out soon on Sweat It Out Records(with our remix which can be heard on our myspace). The promotional video for the ep is in a post below.

Sweat X- Ok so we have been banging on about these guys for ages, but they are really quite good. if you haven't listened to them yet- Imaging Africa Bambaataa stuck in a lift with Public Enemy and Prince. Their coming to Europe on tour very soon- check their myspaz for dates.

Mowgli and Riva Starr- What the fuck is going on in Italy, is there something in the water or what? Along with Crookers, Clark Able (another one to watch), Nic Sarno and Congo Rock these two YouPorn stallions have been leading the way in a new sound of House music. Riva Starr has an ep about to drop on Skint and Mowgli has a whole bunch of stuff about to come out (check his myspaz). We're glad these two moved over to London!!

Fagget Fairys- Ok- just to get this straight, this isn't (just) a promotion of our remixes! Yes yes we have remixed them, and yes yes we are very happy with the end result and yes yes it did make our heads grow massively when it ripped the dance floor apart......Um any ways.....This pair of sexy Danes are amazing, like Eastern European Baile funk with Garage sensibilities - They have an ep out now on Art Rockers/Palms out which is amazing and buy an Art Rockers T-shirt (and please get us one while you at it.)

Phew, ok, well that's a start. I'm sure there are people that haven't been mentioned, but that's all we can think of for the moment, there may be a part two with em, watch this space.

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