Friday, June 29, 2007

So we are in Belgium, the land of chips, waffles, Jupiler and ugly people. Tonight sees us playing on the 5th date of the Sweat X 'Go Black Go Low Go Fast' tour, we hooked up with the deranged PartyhardERS a while back and are re-visiting the city and its various pubs. Liege lies on the border with The Netherlands, which is also know as Holland. Holland is the second name of one of our favourite DJs, Hannah Holland. Hannah Holland has just sent us her brand new minimix......(unggghh see what I did there?). Its fucking tough....

Hannah Holland - Summer Mini Mix


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Every now and then all this blog/mp3/internet/myspace shit gets too much. Mixtapes are becoming almost identical to each other in their tracklisting, songs sound like second rate Justice impersonators trying to sound like third rate Daft Punk impersonators, people start taking the genre 'blog house' seriously. There's a whole school of thought dedicated to the fact that the immediacy and readiness of the internet is slowly killing culture (it's kind of led by this guy Andrew Keen who wrote "The Cult of the Amateur: How Today's Internet is Killing Our Culture", check him out here, I'm not about to go into details, I'm not cleverer enough). Usually when I start feeling like this, somebody pops up to completely contradict my pessimistic and negative thoughts.

This time it was Detboi. Homeboy popped up out of the blue after I was passed a CD from On The Brink's label manager. Now we are by no means the first to get a heads up on the dude, in fact we are somewhat lagging in terms of 'blog-exclusiveness', most of his tracks have already been blogged to death. But I'm still into pushing the guy because he just 'gets' music, listen to what he did with 'Waters of Nazareth', took a played out (but still exceptional) song, made it DJ friendly and added a bit of buzzy energy and attitude to it and hey presto! His other productions/bootlegs/mashups speak the same volume, whether you like it or not, it's all quality.

Included is this track, 'Wreck The Disco' is a big club track that sounds like it's flown straight out of Baltimore via Ireland and landed happily on the club soundsystems of London. You can't go wrong with stuttered vocals and you can't go wrong with big buzzed basslines, add a sprinkling of sexy mamas and you have a track I will be playing out for a while. Oh....and the sexy brazilian up there? That's for you to look at whilst you are listening to this shit....happy ears, happy eyes.

Detboi - Wreck The Disco (Thats right)

Monday, June 25, 2007

So the wonderful Scattermish gets in touch...we are all like 'Yo!' and he's all like 'Y0! Check this!' and then we're all like 'YO! For sure yo.' and then he's all like 'Yo thanks.'

Great stuff this internet.

Scattermish - Switch n Sinden/Brink n Jaxx (scattermash)

Check his blog out too.

No rest for the wicked.....

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What is there NOT to like about Miami Bass?

We have got a BIG weekend coming up! First we pop down to see Sweat X play their first ever gig in Europe at Fonteyn's Computer Blue (Bar Music Hall, Curtain Rd, E1), then its off to move the crowd (Sweat X in tow) at the jump off that is Magic Circle (Egg, York Way)...just when you thought is was all over we journey up to The Aquarium for the re-birth of the messiness that is Redlight Afterhours.

Saturday sees us play alongside Sweat X (again), Punks Jump Up and David Wasserman at The Old Blue Last (Gt Eastern St)....phew, see you in the gutter!


There are some amazing electro house bootlegs simply titled 'Daft Mixes', the one of Groove Armada 'Get down' is the best song I have heard for ages (I'll post it in a bit, I'm still too attached to blog). I don't know where these bootlegs are originating from (if anyone does, please let me know)....

This is a mix of Eric Prydz's mix of Pink Floyd's 'Proper Education' and is dirty-filthy....

Proper Education (daft mix)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Enya's Fade away has become a bit of a unlikely hit and has been bootlegged a lot recently --- I made this edit bout two years ago (believe me or not I don't care).
It's a really simple mash up between the original and Buccaneers version, I used to end the night with it... nice long intro... and then ragga ragga ragga... bo bo bo

enya fades away mp3

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Oliver $ kindly gave us a amazing mix- it's jackin', it fidgets and blew my socks off...

you should defiantly check out his Hot Flash2 EP that's out on Grand Petrol- been playing it non stop for the last month or two.....

Transmit Dj Mix by Oliver $

1. Intro
2. Oliver $. - Freshburn - Grand Petrol recordings
3. hijack - hijackin - (remix)
4. Santiago & Bushido - Let Me featuring Hiroki - Robsoul recordings
5 -------------- Unknown -------------
6. Oliver $.- Hotflash vol.2 Lee Mortimer Remix - Grand Petrol recordings
7. Martin Brothers - Venus Fly Trap - Dirty Bird recordings
8. Deadset - Keep Quiet - A side TP Frontroom 16 Ltd.
9. Jan Driver - X - Grand Petrol recordings
10. The Sawtooth Sucka - Crazy - .Dotbleep recordings
11. Jacob London - Return to Squirel Mountain Oliver $.remix - .Dotbleep recordings
12. Radioclit - mature Macho Machine - solid Groove & Sinden remix - counterfeet recordings
13. Subjekt - Dunky Frummer - Freerange recordings
14. Oliver $.- Hotflash vol.1 Original Mix - Grand Petrol recordings
15. Jesse Rose & Oliver $. - Wake Up! - coming soon on Made to Play recordings

Ever get that excited feeling?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fidget House music makes me happy. This song especially so, it's from up and coming Dj- Gem the Brave's younger brother Joshua. It has heavy bass and a groove that makes your teeth itch..... what a family!

Joshua-buzz from the biz

Hip hop doesn't normally touch me but the Cool Kids are blowing me away at the moment. Imagine Boogie Down Productions stuck in a lift with the Neptunes and Snoop Dogg

Cool Kids- Black Mag

PS: sorry.... wrong mp3 posted.... fixed

Dr. Switch & Mr. Portamento- B2 from their untitled EP out on Clone. A dark slab of disjointed electro, perfect for doing the washing up to or practising your 'Robot' or washing up in the style of a robot

Dr. Switch & Mr. Portamento- B2

When Gangsta Rapper DMX isn't busy insulting us crackers- apparently him and some of his mates make spaced b-boy style breaks with amazing keyboard solo's- nice.

Dmx Krew - Ready to roll

When the week gets too much take one of those pills you nicked off you granddad when he was very unwell and listen to Prefuse- you'll awake feeling much much better

Prefuse 73 - Matrimoniods

If I ever perfect my hypnotism technique and convince a lady to marry me, I want the sermon read out in the style of vocals in this track. I particularly like the shout out to the guy who makes the tea and coffee

Giorgio vs Talla 2xlc -emc2

PS: If you like any of this go and buy it!!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

This has a habit of splitting the dance floor- half are pumping their fists and the other half have grimaces at the horror of Kaiser chiefs vocals (something I can relate to)
It still remains a bit of old favourite of mine though. The song builds for about half a century before breaking into Boys Noize trade mark distortion. If this were the 90's and I had a pony tail I'd call it a 'BANGER'

Kaiser Chiefs - Everyday I love you less less Boys Noize mix

Welcome to your week. I don't like Mondays either. But here is some good, scratch that, FUCKING GREAT news to bring a smile to your face.

Remember we posted something about Sweat X a few month ago? About how they were amazing and we wished they would play a show over here? Dream.Come.True.

Sweat X present the 'Go Black Go Low Go Fast' tour...with not one, but FIVE chances to see them over here (they also play Paris, CPH, Belgium and a whole lot more). Obviously, the best party will be Get Rude where they appear with Fake Blood and Isa GT.

So yeah, listen to this, I defy you not to get exxxcited!

Sweat X - Nu Flex Cowabunga Mix

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dizzee Rascal's new album was very disappointing by and large- however you can argue with pussy hole and Dj Mike B's edit even makes it Dj freindly whooo,.....

Dizzee- Pussyhole (mike b's edit)

I love you Claude- please move from San Francisco to London so I can court you in a Victorian manner with chaperones, parasols and petite coats.

Claude Von Stroke- Birdshit Remix of Frankie Bullshit

On the love topic- one for the producers- just found this hard to come by acapella-

Donna summer - I feel love

Dug up a lot of my old Miami bass for a mix I've just done (watch this space)- two tracks for you:

1: Ring my phone Shantell and Dwayne- two kids rapping over a heavy 808 beat with crazy TV samples - can't go wrong-

ring my phone shantell dwayne

Sleeze Boyz - Z.O.I.D.S. A bit of drum machine sexy space bass- macho, sexist and amazing

Sleeze Boyz - Z.O.I.D.S.

If you wanna read more bout Miami hit up Electro Empire

Thursday, June 07, 2007

and I thought the internet was getting boring.....

100th post!!

The 'elite ravers' indeed...fuck it, DJs need to step their game up.

Go read this

and then

listen to this

and come back later.

DJ Rideon hits the spot with this one.....Check out the Sany Pitbull track a few in...chops Mr. Brown up! Stoops....

DJ Rideon - Ghetto 808 Mix

Bass Check
DJ Rideon: This My Shit
Os Hawaianos: Vem Kikando Rmx
DJ Sany Pitbull feat DJ Woody: I Feel Good (James Brown Funk Carioca Mix)
DJ Cabide: Montagem Baile Lotadão
Menor do Chapa: Vida Loka (DJ 17 Pistola Mix)
Bomba Funk 2: Aquecimento 2006
Bomba Funk 2: Mega Doido
DJ Rideon: Fuck Me Baby
Gaiola das Popozudas: Late Que Eu To Passando
Os Ousados: Passinho do Basquete
DJ Sandrinho: Pump It Up
DJ Sandrinho: Serrote Funk (Cleck Cleck Boom)
Bonde Neurose: 100% Neurose 2006
DJ Sandrinho vs. Justin Timberlake: Sexy Back
Puto Prata: Sai La Daqui
Buraka Som Sistema feat. Petty: Wawaba
Luky Gomes: Patiri
Leo Canhoto & Robertinho: Chumbo Quente (DJ Edgar Rmx)
DJ Sandrinho: Pump Friction
SD Boyz: Uh! Uh! Tá Tomado
95 South: Wet’n’Wild (DJ Laz Booty Bounce Mix)
DJ Assault: Sex On The Beach

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Those Italians are a stylish bunch arent they? Aside from making 'party' and loving football, homedudes have quite a nice scene going. Milano especially, just check CongoRock for evidence of that. Here's the lastest mix from the man himself.

CongoRock - Pay to Cum

Zero Cash - Cream
Yuksek - Composer (Surkin Rmx)
Dead Set - Keep Quiet (Deadset Play Nice)
Busta Rhymes - Light Your Ass On Fire (Switch Rmx)
Jence - Wired
Bobmo - Home Alone
W. Meego - Through A Keyhole (SolidGroove&Sinden Rmx)
Das Glow - Weiss Gaz
Green Velvet - Explorer
Human Resource - Dominator (Hell Rmx)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Friday, June 01, 2007

So first he produces a fantastic remix for The Black Ghosts (a track that I play out as much as I can), then this and now apparently for his party piece he is going to be remixing Bonde Do Role?!?! What the hell! Dude is on FIRE. Fake Blood will playing at our Get Rude party in July with some VERY special guests...keep em peeled.

Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul (Fake Blood Remix)