Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Every now and then all this blog/mp3/internet/myspace shit gets too much. Mixtapes are becoming almost identical to each other in their tracklisting, songs sound like second rate Justice impersonators trying to sound like third rate Daft Punk impersonators, people start taking the genre 'blog house' seriously. There's a whole school of thought dedicated to the fact that the immediacy and readiness of the internet is slowly killing culture (it's kind of led by this guy Andrew Keen who wrote "The Cult of the Amateur: How Today's Internet is Killing Our Culture", check him out here, I'm not about to go into details, I'm not cleverer enough). Usually when I start feeling like this, somebody pops up to completely contradict my pessimistic and negative thoughts.

This time it was Detboi. Homeboy popped up out of the blue after I was passed a CD from On The Brink's label manager. Now we are by no means the first to get a heads up on the dude, in fact we are somewhat lagging in terms of 'blog-exclusiveness', most of his tracks have already been blogged to death. But I'm still into pushing the guy because he just 'gets' music, listen to what he did with 'Waters of Nazareth', took a played out (but still exceptional) song, made it DJ friendly and added a bit of buzzy energy and attitude to it and hey presto! His other productions/bootlegs/mashups speak the same volume, whether you like it or not, it's all quality.

Included is this track, 'Wreck The Disco' is a big club track that sounds like it's flown straight out of Baltimore via Ireland and landed happily on the club soundsystems of London. You can't go wrong with stuttered vocals and you can't go wrong with big buzzed basslines, add a sprinkling of sexy mamas and you have a track I will be playing out for a while. Oh....and the sexy brazilian up there? That's for you to look at whilst you are listening to this shit....happy ears, happy eyes.

Detboi - Wreck The Disco (Thats right)

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