Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dr. Switch & Mr. Portamento- B2 from their untitled EP out on Clone. A dark slab of disjointed electro, perfect for doing the washing up to or practising your 'Robot' or washing up in the style of a robot

Dr. Switch & Mr. Portamento- B2

When Gangsta Rapper DMX isn't busy insulting us crackers- apparently him and some of his mates make spaced b-boy style breaks with amazing keyboard solo's- nice.

Dmx Krew - Ready to roll

When the week gets too much take one of those pills you nicked off you granddad when he was very unwell and listen to Prefuse- you'll awake feeling much much better

Prefuse 73 - Matrimoniods

If I ever perfect my hypnotism technique and convince a lady to marry me, I want the sermon read out in the style of vocals in this track. I particularly like the shout out to the guy who makes the tea and coffee

Giorgio vs Talla 2xlc -emc2

PS: If you like any of this go and buy it!!!!!

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