Thursday, August 23, 2007

Zombie Fondue Squad.

Now and again you come across certain songs from the past that jump out at you with the energy and force of a modern day peak-time anthem. I found this track on some blog or other (it may have been Risky Bizniz) and instantly took it out to play, everytime I played it the crowd went insane. It has that nostalgic 'good-time' housey vibe without being cheesy, it also bounces like a Dubsided track does nowadays. Dude Paul Johnson first got it out on Tinted and it later got picked up by a gazillion labels including Defected etc. Mr. Johnson is one of the original Dance Mania guys and has made some dope Ghetto House, if you dont know now you know.

Paul Johnson - Get Down (Extended Mix)

On the subject of Dance Mania, heres a bonus track for your ears, by one of my all time favourites DJ Deeon.

DJ Deeon - Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya

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