Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Its miami bass wednesday! Today we kick off with a video....

Freestyle - Automatic

Dope track with a mean basslines, spooky singalong lyrics about a robot forcefully taking another robot girl....are those fucked up dystopian visions or am I taking life a little too seriously?

Next up is a video from Afrika Bambaata's cousin MC Shy D. Shake It is a straight up party track in the vein of Run DMC, the video features a lot of hoop earrings and dookie ropes (for those that havent guessed yet, this is like my perfect party ever).

And here is the track itself....

MC Shy D - Shake It

Heres something more on the electro tip (and by electro I don't mean Ed Banger/MSTRKRFT 'electro', I mean head spinning, high fiving, 808 beating, high topping ELECTRO), heres a track that every music fan should have in their collection...

Al-Naafiyash - Hashim

Bonus! Disco Rick presents the Getto Neuz (just check those backgrounds out)..

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