Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bam. First up to bat we gots my remix of a track by Baile Funk supremeo Mc Gil, it's been on the hard drive for a while and it's definitley time for it to breath. Big tom bass and wait for the dancehall drums at the end...

Mc Gill - Guerra no Iraque (Nathaniel Self Remix)

Round two and we have a bassline heavy, electro-house track which kinda has breakbeat elements (in a good way), sharp hats, a stuttered beat that makes it perfect for peak time. Wooooo...

Bump - House Stompin (Richard Dinsdale rmx)

Third batter is more a b-more mixing tool than a track, sling an accapella over the top when you're in the mix and watch the speakers melt.

Salvador - Cartoon Rhythm

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