Wednesday, May 23, 2007

There's something almost endearing about Diddy...he's like the brother that always tried his hardest but never quite got it. I feel a little sorry for the dude, he drops in and out of genres and subcultures, shouts over hot tracks (remember the Felix track)made by talented producers, realises he actually isnt good enough and then heads off to Monaco to party with James Blunt. What a wierd existence.

I dont, however, pity Booman. Homeboy is a mainstay on the Baltimore Club scene, he started DJing at 11, has been a producer and engineer for Unruly (he made 'Watch Out for the Big Girls' godammit) and has remixed Michael Jackson as well as pumpin' Doo Dew Kids to death.

Anyway, the two met over the 'Get Off' remix....Booman adds perfect bmore finesse to Diddy's insane ramblings (cocaine anyone?). Now go and show some love.

P. Diddy - Get Off (Booman Remix)

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