Wednesday, May 16, 2007

egg-tastic monster munch freedom post


1. Basement Jaxx have come in and out of my "listened to/not listened to" over the years but my all time favourite track has got to be I live in Camberwell.... what a song- glitch punk electro (before the hairdo's killed it) with a fantastic vocal-

you can get it here:

2. The Egg this Friday is gonna be large (see below). we've done a egg-clusive mix that s gonna be handed out on the night, but in case you have to have a operation or are mad and can't make it here's the mix-

Egg-clusive Mix:

1. Abe Duque- Cooly Cat
2. Firewile - Damn (Round Table Knights mix)
3. SMD- It's The Beat (album mix)
4. Luke Solomon- Ghouls (Claude Von Stroke mix)
5. Armand Van Helden- Hear my Name (Solid Groove mix)
6. Trevor Loveys and Sinden- Organ Grinder
7. CSS- Lets Make Love (SMD mix)
8. Solid Groove- Sick Na Good
9. Shazer- Let the Bass Kick
10.Chromeo- Fancy Footwork (Surkin Mix)

3.I love the little purple man and I'm playing this 24-7 at the mo. reminds me of the first time I took E

Prince- Erotic City

4. An Open Letter to all 'big' DJ's who feel the need to write bitchy open letters- please stop it your only breaking my imaginary image that all my hero's hang out in a palace mixing old Chicago house together in togas.

5. I just wanted to say (in a lecturey type way)- if you download a track and really like it go and bloody buy it- Beatport

PS: we are adding some regularity to our posts, there will defiantly now be new stuff posted every Tuesday and Thursday (not that we won't post at other times).

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