Saturday, March 21, 2009

We are in Norway, home of Black Met-L (as it is commonly pronounced round these parts), Royksopp, Annie and Bourbon Milkshakes (goddayum!). I would try and muster some sort of clever segway here and somehow link Norway and Stimming, but the burger I just ate is forcing my eyelids down and my brain activity is slowing.

Stimming has those sounds that immediatley identify him and his music, you can tell a Stimming track by its snare and its groove (well, I can boo to you if you cant) and he is the type of producer that makes you feel everything you ever do will never be quite good enough. His new album is a mixture of organic House bubblers and twanging, proggy Minimal goodness, I really recommend you go and buy it from Beatport now. DO IT!

Stimming - After Eight


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DJ GUS said...

i now realize that bobmo used the black throne's logo for his 3000% ep