Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Deep House. Deep House. Flavour of the month indeed. Heres a mix from the vaults, featuring some Strictly Rhythm Classics and others.....from Mick Scott no less (who?).

mick scott - b24 005 illicit connection

1 kevin yost - amor unico (guidance)
2 larry heard - so much joy (guidance)
3 frontline symphony - reach out (strictly rhythm)
4 fresh n low - sea of desire (crucial)
5 northwick circle - mau mau (centrestage)
6 house of gypsies - makossa (nervous)
7 bass hit - uk one day (strictly rhythm)
8 unknown
9 nice psycho - love me love (t:me recordings)
10 i-dentify - flute style (strictly rhythm)
11 rednail ft noni - never (classic)
12 jack + jill - go miss thing (strictly rhythm)
13 unknown
14 angel moraes ft kelli sae - what i want (hot & spicy)
15 angel moraes ft sally cortes - sounds so good (hot & spicy)




DJ GUS said...

here you have it
huge track
VBR it's a nice rip

Gutter Broadcast said...

you are the fucking don!

thanks so much


Anonymous said...

diva house is coming back, noooo..........

Gutter Broadcast said...

fuck that...this track is DOPE!

Anonymous said...

think 2008 was the big return of "house" in its tradiotional classic and soulful way (was on the way for longer tho). that good stuff slipped in to all genres of dance music and couldnt/cant be stopped. if someone asks if or claims that "house is back" then fella has been sleeping. sorry..

INDOE said...

cheers gus for the rip. wonderful!

female vocal still is bit/very cheesy even though its a classic deephouse banger.

but girls loves this one and thats pretty important too ;)


Anonymous said...

no i disagree, there wasnt what i would call a return to "house" in 2008....

just minimal/tech house beats with deep/soul element- precursing the imminent revival of ny garage/chicago house to come ( as u would expect)....

only the lame-ass guys follow the girls, cause they cant control dem bitches....

Anonymous said...

(although) i am knit-picking a bit i suppose....

INDOE said...

oh thx for that last comment about "lame ass guys" Mr Anonymous u truly are the gospel on every bit of rambling u just blessed us with.

dont think anyone would disagree on the importance of the girls on the dancefloor.- U make them shake and u have the party bumping good times only. but not u of course mr anonymous. u most be one of a kind or simply just a really bad gay dj

/dan m

Anonymous said...

a good dj, for me, knows what to put where and most importantly when, if u can do that well (...well, better then most) and play the music u love, people- girls or boys will have always have a good time- no matter what,

thats why there are always loads of bland djs and only a few exciting ones (zombie disco squad being one of the few! ) cause they manage to do all 3 things the best :)

Anonymous said...

btw, there is more then one mr. anonymous

INDOE said...

did u see or read anyone who said anything about girls being the one and only factor??

"girls love this one and thats pretty important too" was what i wrote.- no need for calling people "lame ass". and I do not disagree on the fact that u can make a dancefloor no matter who´s in front of u as long as u believe in what u are playing. no doubt! this is like talking to an upset teen.

Btw if u are old enough to leave a comment u are old enough to leave your name

/dan m

Jack Chritz said...


once the girls stop dancing, the boys stop dancing, once everyone has stopped dancing. THERE IS NO-ONE DANCING! Witness the death of drum and bass, witness the impending death of dubstep as evidence.....guys dont get too nerdy or else!!!


Anonymous said...

it was more just a figure of speech then name calling, but no ur right, i was feeling a bit childish/troll like earlier, apologies.

i dont know about the other guy/mr.anonymous, ive only written like 2/3 comments,

but im Alistair, why?

INDOE said...

why leave your name? common sense really.

and mr J.C that "return" has been comming for a long time now I wanna give the first mr Anonymous right on that one. in 09 that whole wave of classic house/deep house and the more minimal house just keeps on rolling.

/dan m

DJ GUS said...

i will only say what eddie amador said


that's for anonymous

long live MK BURNING vibe mix