Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kids Do Your Homework

Something I have to get off my chest this morning, maybe my surroundings are getting me down (I'm in a rainy arse end of Italy, waiting for a pick up) but I'm getting increasingly narked with this new use of the term 'Electro' (okay, so its not exactly new in blog years but whatever). For all you new jacks, Electro is NOT THIS

it is THIS

and THIS

Why would you even adopt the genre name? Where are the similarities exactly? Would you even say Justice et al are a direct descendent from the original music? I cant see any evidence of this.....I must have missed the memo?

I dont get it......its upsetting me.



Anonymous said...

listen to marshall jeffersons move your body for one sec. and then listen to your raziek remix. why do you call your music "house"? and "Why would you even adopt the genre name? Where are the similarities exactly? Would you even say you et al are a direct descendent from the original music? I cant see any evidence of this.....I must have missed the memo? I dont get it......its upsetting me."... blabla get a life...

Anonymous said...

Have a fight have a fight smash his face.

Anonymous said...

Ps: If you going to leave such a provacative comment you should atleast have the balls to give your name Love Puff daddy

INDOE said...

mr no name (could it possibly be Gaylord?) who wrote the "get a life comment" did you buy a record since "move your body" came out? dont know why im getting the idea that your favorite sample pack for making "house music" is the marshalll jefferson ´House Generation´. Thats good stuff but man "Get a life"

/dan m

ps. Mr Gaylord is actually a good example for all of you beloved readers on Gutter. He wrote a comment;)

DJ GUS said...

i like boys noize, for me it's house, but with lots of filters
i don't know either why places like juno, beatport, etc name it electro house
i like electro, like cybotron, cylob, etc
i like house too, from marshall to farley, and going from dance mania to roule
music is nice, just don't fight... people always need a label for something, an attitude, a music genre, etc

fighting leads to fight.. this blog teaches, it's nice that you posted this entry for those who doesn't know what is electro... but don't be provocative

Gutter Broadcast said...

Dj Gus - you speak true words!

fighting leads to a fight.


Anonymous said...

comon, don´t want to provocate anyone and its all peace and no fights. just wanted to point out my opinion that if you write that hashiem is electro and boys noize is not, than i can also write the stupid comment that trax is house and the zombies is not. dan, you just supported me with what you wrote although you didn´t wanted to but hey, of course the zombies do not sound like ol´school chicago but in fact both(!) is house! there is in fact like 20 years of records in between so of course it sounds different and yes, i bought some records lately! but there is also like 20 years of records between hashiem and boys noize so of course it also does not sound the same but why can´t you then call both "electro" if on the other hand you can both the zombies and marshall call "house"??? and "get a life" wasn´t meant to be insulting. for me it means: go on producing your fantastic forward thinking house music and stop being so critical towards other genres of music that are not yours. its the same with the justice movie comment a while ago: direct your own one instead of making the justice one look stoopid. this is a fucking good blog but why do you always want to point out that your shit is #1 and the rest is shit? thats not what you need to do. let the music do the talking instead of teaching young kids that the genre they love and call "electro" is not called "electro" and make them look stoopid. thats not honorouble!

yours truly,
mr. gaylord fucker

Gutter Broadcast said...

Ahhh dear Gaylord,

What I wrote wasnt meant to be provocative. It was a QUESTION (note the question marks), and was meant to open up DEBATE (that means talking about things, usually without getting all upset and crying about things).

I truly am interested in music and I want to know things about it. I also REALLY want to know things when they are in regard to music that I love and hold close (original Electro is one of them if you hadnt guessed).

This blog is maintained and run by old grumpy bastards and therefor not every post is going gush in praise about something, most of the times it goes against the grain and throws up questions. Hopefully the readers can respond without getting shirty and saying things like 'Get a life'.

Thanks for (sort of) answering my original question, there have been around 20 years of records between Hashim and Boys Noize, things change and music evolves. Now if you had done that in the first place we wouldnt have all this bother would we?

Lastly, a second question, when did we ever describe our Raziek remix as House music?


Lucas Hunter the Third.

INDOE said...

..Gaylord you aint a bad guy and im glad I could spread some peace in this little discussion on electro. If I had let my feelins run I would actually get all going about how much I hate the "new electro". Then again wtf is electro really im def. not the judge of that but I am referring to stuff like boys noize, Justice etc. And one thing is certain I wouldnt categorise electro and house music as the same thing. think we can all agree to that. Or maybe not ;)

Dan M

have a beautiful day all of ya all

Anonymous said...

does it really matter what sub genre something comes under. i always thought it was called electro house.

quantifying and measuring, quantifying and measuring, quantifying and measuring, and then telling other people about it. that's the fucking problem.


Anonymous said...

oh another thing. you (zds) do rock parties and you know your music, but you do need to stop leaving such ridiculous statements in an attempt to be funny. it's almost childish.

it's becomming more and more apparent that dance music (apart from donk) has been infiltrated by the intelligensia, who in one way or another are dissecting the music so much it gets further and further away from it's roots (jazz funk/disco/detroit techno/acid...). in 10 years time you'll be able to learn to make house music in conservatoires, like jazz, which was music of the common man, before some white exec realised he could make a mint off it. shit like this always gets hijacked by the middle classes. a horrible and perverse fascination with black culture. do you really think a number of names gave a fuck what genre their music was called when they wrote 'sharivari' or would even be wasting their time writing a pathetic blog about what's electro. to the originators it came naturally.


Anonymous said...

thats exactly what i wanted to say, james, although i couldnt because my english is not that good. zds and dan, go on producing your positive music and stop that negative talk about other music! as you pointed out, you was just asking questions but in the end, everybody could see your real intention behind! stop hating!

yours truly,
mr. gaylord fucker

INDOE said...

yo james u are so true on the fact that calling things names really dont mean shit. sorry thing is that in this business it does..

loving the discussions



Anonymous said...

Oh james you got luke by the jimmies there. N Zds

Anonymous said...

can we agree on one thing. boyz noize make music that is not really that good. the name alone makes me angry.


INDOE said...

absolutely James no doubt. BN sucks big time according to my music heart. That doesnt mean that they are not good at what they do tho. cause BN for sure is selling some records and playing some crazy parties. i respect it but dont like it. loving that theres a scene for anything these days tho.

dan m

Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov said...

R&B used to mean Rhythm and Blues, now it just means losers in the clubs whining about some girl who cheated on him.

Most dance music can be called house or techno, but take two techno tracks one from today and one from 10 years ago and they won't sound the same.

The reason for all this is that God only created a few genre names not thinking that they would all get used up so quickly. So recycling is in order for forms of music to be categorised as something.

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