Wednesday, February 18, 2009

TGV through a straw.....a straw!

Marvy is the only guy I know who drinks TGV. TGV is a Parisian evil that includes TEQUILA, VODKA and GIN....straight...through a straw, now does that sound like the actions of a sane man? Does that even sound like it would be nice? No! But Marvy is no ordinary man, he is a pimp, a player and he is an evil genius. Everytime I see him and the rest of the Booty Call Crew I smile like I have never smiled before. Watching them DJ is like taking a trip through all my favourite Ghetto genres, Juke, Baile, Kuduro and Miami Bass are all taken care of. Support your local PIMP!

Marvy Da Pimp - Call of Kuduro

Tracklists are for fassies.


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DAeLeN said...

Ahahah, je valide cet article !