Thursday, February 12, 2009


Does anybody know what the name of this track is?




nabla said...

It's Henrik Schwarz remixing Omar & Stevie Wonder:

Gutter Broadcast said...

thank you very win a Henrik Schwarz Mixtape!


01. Henrik Schwarz & Kuniyuki - The Session (Henrik Schwarz Version)
02. Henrik Schwarz, Ame & Dixon feat. Derrick L. Carter - where We At (Version 3)
03. Henrik Schwarz & Amampondo - I Exist Because Of You (Henrik Schwarz Live Version)
04. Ane Brun - Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz Remix - Dixon Edit)
05. Ame, Henrik Schwarz & Dixon - D.P.O.M.B. (Version 2)
06. Deetron feat. Justin Chapman - Let's Get Over It (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
07. Bill Withers - What Is He to You (Henrik Schwarz Edit)
08. Alex Smoke - Don't See The Point (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
09. James Brown - Man's World (Henrik Schwarz remix)
10. Kuniyuki - Earth Beats (Henrik Schwarz remix)
11. Frankie Valentine - Zumbi (Henrik Schwarz Dub Remix)
12. Stateless - Bloodstream (Henrik Schwarz Mix)

Anonymous said...

you boys know so much house and techno its unreal.
i am envious.

Anonymous said...

file is streaming at: WAY slower than on the vid, but man, so cool

Anonymous said...

here's an update to my previous streaming link. This track is part of a 2 track (un)release, the other being a bill withers remake. Check for info and a link. thanks for being a good source of info over the past while!

Anonymous said...

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