Thursday, January 31, 2008

Remember when normal radio used to be good? Before it got taken over by stylesluts that play what they get paid for? Just like when the Breezeblock on Radio 1 used to be an event I used to look forward to. Here is the DJ Assault(legend) VS Cutlass Supreme Breezeblock session that is now over 4 years old, pretty much dust in blog years.

DJ Assault VS Cutlass Supreme - Breezeblock Session


Joe said...

I saw Cutlass Supreme mixing booty bass with old drum and bass about six years ago. He was supporting DJ Godfather who dropped Pepe Bradock's Burnin' at the wrong speed. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

I always played this radio mix for people when I was trying to explain what is good about Booty music.
Anyone have anyidea where to get that "your wife is my *iki* baby's mama" track? I emailed DJ Assault and he didn't remember what label it came out on, just that it was UK. There is a version by someone else, but I want the Assault version..